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There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no way to stop… THE CAR

January 23, 2010

February 2nd, 2010 8pm……if you DARE!

THE CAR car:

The evil car in the film was a customized 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III designed by famed customizer George Barris, who also designed the The MunstersMunster Koach” and the original “Batmobile” used in the 1966 television series Batman.

Production facts:

There were six cars built in six weeks for the filming and all were destroyed during production. Supposedly, a seventh car was built later and displayed for a time at Universal Studios, but was eventually given back to Barris, who later sold it to a private collector in the 1980s.

Evil endorsement:

The late Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey was given a “Technical Advisor” credit on the film. His quote: “Oh great brothers of the night who rideth upon the hot winds of hell, who dwelleth in the Devil’s lair; move and appear,” is given in the opening credits.

Extra footage:

Footage from this film is seen in the Knight Rider episode “Trust Doesn’t Rust”, shown at the end when “KARR” is destroyed by driving off a cliff, a glimpse of “The Car” is seen going over the cliff instead.

(production notes courtesy of wikipedia)

Cine Meccanica Fact:

A 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V painted with ominous flames was chosen and raced 2904 miles cross country from NY to SF in the notorious THE 2904, regardless of an estimated 7 miles to the gallon max, partly because we grew up to believe THE CAR was THE toughest car out there!

Needless to say, we didn’t win, though it did get 14 miles to the gallon, but we took the style trophy, in spades!

Yes, that’s right, we raced against the A Team van

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