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Tanya O’Debra likes us, she really likes us!

March 7, 2010

Bloggy Blog” By Tanya O’Debra

of Radio Star & Straight up Vampire (among other fabulous things)

“Last night I went to Cine Meccanica, a weekly automobile themed movie night at Arlo and Esme.  Host Corinna Mantlo has an unhealthy obsession with anything old timey, especially vintage cars and motorcycles.  I was aware of Corinna’s awesomeness before Cine Meccanica, but last night really cemented it for me.

She showed “Werewolves on Wheels”, a film about a gang of bikers called the Devil’s Advocates who are turned into werewolves by satanic monks.  Amazing!  The highlight for me was when one of the werewolves was set on fire then rolled around burning for several minutes.  So awesome.

Not only was the movie awesome, the venue was also comfy and inviting.  Arlo and Esme’s basement is the perfect setting for a movie night.  It’s a really pretty room with cozy couches, and they serve free popcorn!  Corinna’s crowd is super friendly, which is a welcome change of pace for a normally snotty, hipster neighborhood (the LES).  I only knew Corinna and one other gal (Alex Brook Lynn), but everyone in the room greeted me upon arrival, and some even walked over and introduced themselves.

Cine Meccanica happens every Tuesday at 8:00, and I’m pretty sure I will be a regular there.  If you like watching awesome movies with a group of sweeties in a charming atmosphere, I recommend checking it out.  Oh, and it’s free!”            -By Tanya O’Debra

Thanks Tanya!

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