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This bike runs on….BLOOD

March 18, 2010

I bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1991)

Tuesday March 23rd, 8pm

“This bike runs on blood, it don’t run on gasoline”

“Made of steel, forged in hell”
In the opening scene, a devil worshiping biker gang is rudely interrupted in their sacrificing of chickens by a rival gang. The satanic gang is wiped out and the bikes destroyed, but not before the summoned spirit has a chance to scurry up the tailpipe of a damaged Norton Commando. Smoldering on the ground, shot with an arrow, a newly made zombie biker comes to it’s rescue ripping open his own throat to fill the Norton’s gas tank with yes, you guessed it….BLOOD
The bike is eventually bought by a local chap, Noddy, and proceeds to terrorize the sleepy town of Birmingham.

“Right, let’s go kick some bottom”
Dry British humor, coffins in side cars, priests on trikes, and The Young Ones style special effects (including an animated turd, zombie gore, severed everything, and a melting engine) this video horrible pokes fun at classic 60’s horror and biker films like Psychomania, and makes for a hysterical homage to an already fantastically silly genre.

“Clearly the best Birmingham-based vampire motorcycle movie ever made”
This film was the moonlight (literally…it’s a vampire flick after all) project of the production team of the British hit show Boon. Lying to the TV studio backers about necessary re-shoots, The crew borrowed the show’s sets, props, actors and everything else that wasn’t nailed down, and shot this low budget, cult classic, comedic horror romp.
(Read more behind the scenes info at Eat My Brains)

Inspector Cleaver: What kind of a bike was it?
Noddy: Norton Commando
Priest: Funny, they’re usually so reliable….


The birmingham premier (and the most adorable extras ever!)

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