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Like The Wild One man, like Marlon Brando!

March 31, 2010

Tuesday April 6th, 8pm

Arlo & Esme 42 E. 1st street (between 1st & 2nd ave)

The Wild Ride (1960)

“Like The Wild One man, like Marlon Brando!”

The Wild Ride, also known as Velocity, tells the tale of a reckless young hot-rodder, Johnny Varron (Jack Nicholson). Johnny is a tough as they come. An amateur track racer, and “Top Stud” of a fairly adorable hooligan gang of juvenile delinquents, he lives in the moment and is truly a rebel without a cause.

Johnny doesn’t care about anyone. he leaves his girl on the side of the road without a thought, in a sort of sad exchange. She’s older, dumpy and cheating on her hubby with Johnny, and he lets her have it…ouch!

Johnny: I don’t want you. You’re old. I want a tender, young kitten

Lady: You’re an arrogant child

Johnny: Honey, you’re a bad loser

And isn’t frazzled for a moment, even when dragged in to jail for running a motorcycle cop off the road in a deadly game of chicken:

Cop: This is your record

Johnny: Did I make a record? Sarge, you are a far out stud!

“No more going shallow for that chick. Dig man. She’s out!”

He does however show some emotion when his friend Dave, who’s new girl Nancy is sort of a drip, decides to leave the hot-rod gang life for the girl. Johnny tells Dave to quit her. Dave, who was brought up in the gang by Johnny is torn between his best friend and his girl. He leaves the girl, and is broken up about it. However, when Dave has a change of heart, Johnny goes easy on him, which makes the rest of the gang pissed. They (especially the 2nd in command, Barney) thinks Johnny’s too soft on Dave. And the gang begins to break down.

Cut to the race track. Johnny takes the trophy, driving #5 “The Shaffer Special” but only by cheating and running another car off the track (some great race footage here). It’s clear no one is impressed, not even the gang. Dave’s girl, who had shown up at the race to try to fit in, goes out for beers with them after, Things go wrong, they get rough with her, and Johnny ends up kidnaping her.

Furious and heart broken, Dave takes off down the road (um, leaving Nancy behind). Johnny and the gang follows, with the cops on their tail. Dave spins out of control and crashes bad. Dead on the side of the road, in a heap of twisted metal, Johnny is for the first time wracked with the guilt and consequence of his wild ways.

“I wouldn’t listen, I killed him.”

Unlike the cop who he did kill, Dave was an accident, but this time, Johnny understands the weight of his actions and turns himself in for murder to the cops standing by. The gang tear his ill be-gotten race trophy from his car and fall in line behind the 2nd in command, now Top Stud, Barney…

“The stud’s gone bad. Let’s split”

Check out all the cars at IMCDb

Watch the Trailer

Can’t make the flix? Watch part 1, and the full film here:

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