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Part 2 of 5: Harry Dean Stanton month

June 3, 2010

“Marlon (Brando) asked me once what I thought of him. I said ‘Nothin’.” – H.D Stanton

In the late 1960s, Harry Dean shared an apartment with his friend, and another struggling actor, Jack Nicholson. They have remained friends (he was the best man at Jack Nicholson’s wedding), and worked together in six films. Both Jack and Harry stared in many a biker flick during this period. Harry was always a supporting actor, but he never got lost in the gang.

For Ride in the Whirlwind, Jack (Nicholson) came to me and said, “Harry I’ve got this part for you. His name is Blind Dick Reilly and he’s the head of the gang. He’s got a patch over one eye and a derby hat.” Then he says, “But I don’t want you to do anything. Let the wardrobe play the character.” Which meant, just play yourself. That became my whole approach.” – H.D Stanton

Stanton was not in Easy Rider with Jack Nicholson, but he visited the set long enough to scrawl his name in huge letters, clearly visible on the wall of Nicholson’s jail cell in the film.

Stay tuned for part 3 of Harry Dean Stanton…

(see part 1 of 5 HERE)



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