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Straddle your hogs and ride, MAN!

July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 13th 8pm

Arlo & Esme 42 E. 1st street (between 1st & 2nd ave)

The Glory Stompers (1968)

“The ‘Black Souls’ vs the ‘Stompers’ in the deadliest gang war ever waged!”

The film opens with a wild party scene. Half naked gyrating girls, revving engines, and the romping title track by Davie Allan & The Arrows.

Chris, a pretty blonde gets hassled by rival gang, the Black Souls. Darryl, Leader of the Glory Stompers and Chris’s old man, steps in and breaks up the mess. The couple ride off, but of course the Black Souls follow.

“I just want something better than being a Stomper’s girl”

Safely away from the fray, they stop to talk. Chris wants Darryl to quit the gang, but he can’t. “no 9-5s, no hassles, no holdups. They’re free” he explains about the bikers life. “They got a bike, a blanket, and the World!”

Chris: “Oh Darryl, I just want a man who’s not irresponsible and runs around with over age juvenile delinquents”

Darryl: “But they’re my friends”

“If the chick tries anything man, waste her!”

The conversation comes to a close as the Black Souls arrive. A fight brakes out. Darryl is beat to a pulp and left for dead. Chino (Dennis Hopper) gathers the gang and takes off with Chris as a hostage on the back of his bike. The Black Souls fearing the murder conviction for snuffing Darryl, plan to sell Chris to some “high class Mexicans across the border” in Porta Rosarita instead of wasting her.

“Darryl, Stompers are losers”

Darryl, who turned out not to be dead, picks himself up and hits the road for revenge, accompanied by a friend and ex-Stomper who got out of the gang life, against the Black Souls.

“Untie me so I can make love right”

The Black Souls stop en route to Mexico for a Love in at Doom. During the acid and beer riddled, body painting party, “Clean Cut” a Black Soul member who doesn’t like the hostage situation, takes a liking to Chris, who thinking her Darryl is dead, falls in love with him. Of course the moment is interrupted by a couple of mammas who break into a jealous fight, which leads to the whole party erupting in drunken violence.

The Black Souls, with the Stompers on their heels, head to the hills close to the boarder. The Stompers start to implode and Magoo who’s got an eye on Chris runs Clean Cut over with his motorcycle in a dramatic display. Chino, who was very close with Clean Cut if devastated and shoots Magoo dead. Chris makes a run for it, just as the Stompers and her lost love, the very much alive Darryl arrive. A proper gang fight between Stompers and Black Souls ensues and Chino’s old lady trying to help throws a knife into the fray, sadly the knife at the last moment in a twist of fate hit not Darryl, but Chine in the back by mistake. Devastated, she runs to his side screaming and cradles his lifeless body In her arms. As the camera pans out and a Davie & The Arrows instrumental tunes plays, Chris and Darryl embrace and it’s clear she’ll get what she wanted all along, her man to see the gang life is a dead end.


Watch the trailer

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