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These kids will try anything…for kicks!

July 28, 2010

Tuesday August 3rd, 8pm

Arlo & Esme 42 E. 1st street (between 1st & 2nd ave)

Hot rods to hell (1967)

“These kids have nowhere to go, but they want to get there at 150mph…Give ‘em a car and it’s like putting a gun in their hand”

The opening scene of the film is a shot of four hot rods, on a two lane road…Cut to a sacran sweet Christmas day at the Philip’s residence. Mum and kids eagerly await dad’s (a traveling sales man) return, who’s driving home in the family station wagon from a business trip, when a 1965 Imperial swirves all over the road and slams right into him. Landing in the hospital in bad shape, the family rushes to his side.

“Uncle Bill knows best”

Dad’s recovering nicely, but his nerves are shot. While in the hospital mum and uncle plot to sell the house, relocate the family and set him up in a new, less stressful job of Motel proprietor. He grumbles, but in the end the family packs up the  1961 Plymouth Belvedere and starts the drive cross country to their new life.

Dad: “What kind of animals are these?!”

Daughter: “All the kids drag, dad!”

On the trip, they run into the unruly band of Hot Rodders (driving a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette, and Ford T-Bucket among others), out to tear things up.

After a harrowing trip (dad is not up to a highway show down so soon after the accident), they arrive at the Motel exhausted and hoping to put the ordeal behind them. Little do they know the Café attached to the motel, The Arena is the local hootenanny that the very same gang hangs out at, and poor frail dad now owns…

Tina: “you think every girls the same”

Duke: No I don’t. They’re names are different”

Of course along the way, daughter has fallen for Duke, the rough talking gang leader, and when she sneaks out to hang with the kids at The Arena, things go bad, and a fight breaks out with Duke and Dad.

Mayhem ensues and Dad is forced to get his act together and defend his family…but is he up to the task??


Nerd out on all the cars from the film on IMCDb

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