It’s gonna be just like the movies…Thank god we brought the polaroid!

My dad always said, ‘Son, you need two things in life. Love and a .45’

Sorry fans of vehicular cult and trash. Cine Meccanica will not be screening a film this week, but promises to return next week 8/24 for a screening of ‘The Losers’. Til then, might I suggest a film that a very dear friend of mine, Vickers Bastard Gringo, got me hooked on years ago, and who’s vhs copy of this I still have. In the tradition of Harold & Maude, Bonnie & Clyde, Wild at Heart, True Romance, and many, many more that inspire us to live life to the fullest, never take a day for granted, and to document every friggin’ minute of it. Thanks Vicks!

Love & a .45

Watch the trailer here, on YOUTUBE

See you all next week,



  1. hi corrina,

    is there chance that you can get your hands on “The Leather Boys”? it would be be a really great watch on a large screen.



    1. HI Jake,
      I do actually have a copy of The Leather Boys. What a great film to see the Ace Cafe and some great race scenes circa early 60’s. I will indeed be screening it in the near future. Stay tuned!


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