“It’s a Yamaha, man…That’s a broad’s bike!”

Tuesday August 24th, 8pm

Arlo & Esme 42 E. 1st street (between 1st & 2nd ave)

The Losers (1970)

“The Army Handed Them Guns…And A License To Kill!”

This Losers, also known as ‘Nam’s Angels’, filmed at the height of the Vietnam war, opens with an ambush of Viet Cong at a small monastery. Quickly becoming a bloody battle….when out of a US military truck hop….THE LOSERS!

“Nice to meet you Sergeant…Your…Men are here”

Saddled with a political mess, Link and the gang, The Devil’s Advocates, a bunch of disenfranchised vets are recruited for a top secret mission to rescue a Viet Cong prisoner from neutral territory in Cambodia. The American prison is off limits to US forces, and though Link is his last resort, it’s the only option.

“Well I didn’t know you were gonna show up dress like trash”

“Man, you hired a bunch of scooter trash and that’s what you got”

Motorbikes are also imperative to the mission…Of course. The gang, being Harley riding bikers through and through were sold on the mission because of the bike angle, but when their mighty steeds are revealed….a bunch of sub cc Yamaha 2 strokes…they are NOT impressed.

“Now, about the bikes. They’ve gotta be weapons on wheels”

The gang comes around pretty quick however, when they find out they’ve got to trick out the scooters into Mad Max worthy death rides. Tearing around town to “get a feel for the ‘lil bikes” doesn’t hurt either. Apparently it’s pretty easy to raise hell on a “broad’s bike”.

“You ever work on 2 stroke engines…Yea? what kind?”


Dirty Denny, a vet who stayed in Vietnam to smoke opium with prostitutes, is recruited to help the gang trick out the bikes in his mechanic shop.

“What the hell is that?”

Why, anyone can see it’s a ‘Hog Wagon’. Half Harley and half Volkswagon”

While working on the bikes, and party at the local whore house, the plot thickens.

Turns out Duke only came along because he has a Vietnamese wife still here from his last tour of duty, Link, their leader has old bad blood with the man they are meant to rescue, and Limpy, falls head over heals for a prostitute who was abandoned by a soldier after having his baby.

As the mission nears, the gang becomes uneasy, and know this won’t end well, but they hop on the Yamahas and head out even though Duke and his wife were just killed when they ran a bike over a land mine.

“It’s The “Dirty Bunch” On Wheels!”

The mission scene itself is action packed. Bikes flying through the air and death defying feats, but things go wrong real quick and the gang is captured.

They break out, grab the hostage they were sent to rescue who lives up to the bad rep Link had given him.

He causes the death of 2 of the gang, and our hero, Link is shot while trying to protect him.

Quiet descends on a sad scene of the gang strewn dead across the landscape, as the US troops file in.

“Now, get me back to Washington so I can straighten this mess out”

A glimpse of The Losers appears in Quentin Tarantino‘s Pulp Fiction when Fabienne is watching “A motorcycle movie, I’m not sure the name.”


(The broad with a cherry red 1971 Yamaha At1, 125cc 2 stroke)

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