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So far out…It’s really something else!

September 13, 2010

Tuesday September 14th, 8pm

Arlo & Esme 42 E. 1st street (between 1st & 2nd ave)

The Jesus Trip (1971)

“I need your help Sister”

With the cops on their tale, the biker gang takes refuge in a nearby convent. Waco, The gang’s leader, having been shot by the cops, is taken pity on by Sister Anna.

While there, they discover that their bikes have been packed with pure heroin. It seems that the sadistic motorcycle cops are in cahoots with the mafia and have conspired to use the gang as mules to move the drugs across the border.

“The strangest cycle gang that ever road down the glory road”

The cops soon track the bikes to the convent by a tip off from one of the nuns, and a fight ensues. The gang takes the cop and Sister Anna hostage and hit the road. Leaving the cop on a deserted road, they continue on. The cop promises he will track them down…

Sister Anna: “Someday I’ll be a missionary, far away in Africa or Asia”

Waco: “Why don’t you stay home and save me”

Sister Anna wants to leave but at the same time, she seems protective and comfortable with Waco. They talk for hours while the gang parties. Of course they don’t get far before the cops, dead set on getting the drugs back, are on their tale again.

“A dangerous trip for these young sinners”

After a raucous evening at a Mexican saloon, half the gang crashes at a motel where the cops round them up. Tying them to their bikes by nooses, they are forced to ride in a pack to the desert, where the ruthless cops torture them with every old west trick in the book….They drag them through the dirt behind the bikes, and bury them in the sand up to their necks to get them to give up the whereabouts of Waco and Sister Anna.

“I hope we’ve convinced you this ‘aint no wild goose chase”

Finally the gang caves, and promise to tell all. One is freed, while the other biker and his girl are left for the ants.

“In this desert aflame, Anna was like a drink of cool water to a thirsty man”

The cops track the pair to an abandoned Mexican church, where they are sweet as pie to each other. Sister Anna has dropped the habit and tends to Waco’s wounds in overalls and long blond hair. Meanwhile, the ant bait bikers wrestle to free themselves from their shallow graves.

“Waco’s bunch rode hard and fast to Meet their fate… and Sister Anna rode with them!“

Soon, cops and bikers alike converge on the little church, where Waco and the gang are trapped inside. Sister Anna, taken hostage by the cops and handcuffed to a tree, screams Waco’s name as she tries desperately to free herself.

“I was not kidnapped. I left he convent …Voluntarily”

Having hidden in plain site, draped on the churches cross like Christ himself, Waco ambushes the cops and after giving up the smack, tries to reason with them. Sister Anna frees herself and runs to Waco’s defense, swearing that she was never a hostage.

“Ok, let’s go home boys”

Having talked the gang free, Sister Anna stays, and the cops ride off. The gang relaxes and Waco and Sister Anna embrace. They find a statue of the Virgin Mary that’s been badly chipped in the battle and lovingly place her back on a mantle. They smile at each other sweetly and Waco kisses her on the forehead.

“They’re a new breed of riders, on a new kind of trip”

Just then, a shot rings out and Waco’s hit through the neck by a sniper cop’s bullet. Anna screams….

Slow, melancholy music plays over the final scene of Sister Anna standing over a solitary wooden cross in the desert….The end

“Why do they call it The Jesus Trip…Because the high is Heaven and the low is Hell”

AKA: “Under Hot Leather”, this strange cycle drama, though vaguely painful to watch in it’s current state (hint to anyone feeling the need to remaster this cult classic..hint, hint), it’s totally worth it. The characters are surprisingly endearing and not the standard 2 dimensional stereotypes of the standard low budget biker genre.

Join us for a screening of this ultra rare flick, courtesy of Trash Palace


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