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Look out…Here they come!

September 16, 2010

Tuesday September 21st, 8pm

Arlo & Esme 42 E. 1st street (between 1st & 2nd ave)

Angels from Hell (1968)

“I ‘aint gonna make any promises, but I am gonna lay some jazz on your mind”

Mike Connory’s back in town from the service and goes to see his old gang. His boys have joined a new gang, The MadCaps MC. Their leader, George doesn’t appreciate Mike stepping in and the too fight for control. Mike’s wins The gang by smashing George’s Knee.

“Ginger, you talk too much, but you got groovy eyes”

Ginger owns the MC clubhouse…On first site, Mike falls for her…He makes big promises to the gang about cross country runs, hanging with movie stars, and getting rich off of growing weed.

“Yeah man, you’re full on super scooter trash, man”

The local cop stops by to meet the “new pres”. He’s sympathetic to the biker gang, but lays down the ground rules of bikers vs pedestrians. After the speech, the gang goes right back to tearing around and partying.

“The law wasn’t designed to take care of the squares…it was designed for us too…”

They do hang out poolside at movie star and ex biker Dude Marshalls house, and the big rally plot gets under way until they get into hassle after hassle with the cops and Speed gets beat up pretty bad. He hadn’t done anything to provoke the cops, and the boys are pissed.

“By god, when it becomes a crime to ride a motorbike down the street, that’s a sad day”

Mike talks to the cops. Disenfranchised by the war, he’s bitter and not impressed with authority and stands up for bikers’ rights. When the law won’t help fast enough, they plan their own revenge…

“A girl’s gotta be careful with all those motorcycle boys running around”

They hatch a plot to send a mamma in good girl disguise to the local ice cream joint, where she chats with the motorcycle cop who beat up Speed, telling him she’s waiting for her mother, all the while distracting him from the bikers scurrying around to tie his motorcycle to a lamppost. When a hippy van (the boys in disguise) pulls up and kidnaps the poor damsel in distress. The cop takes off after them only to have the tethered bike send him flying.

“We’ve been here all night officer. Working on the bikes and playing checkers”

The cops know it was a set up, but can’t prove The MadCaps were behind it. Instead in response, they plant drugs on Speeds bike when he goes to town for magazines. While hauling him off to jail, things get messy and Speed gets snuffed out. Captain Bingham is on their side and pleads with Mike to give him time to make things right, but it’s too late. Mike’s furious, and isn’t having it.

“Hell yes the run’s still on. Old Speed would have wanted it”

Waving goodbye to the fuzz they roll out for the open road. They gang ends up in a hippy commune and have a grand old time.

“A disaster? It’ll be beautiful!”

While there, Mike plans to bring all the gangs together for a massive, 500 strong biker funeral for Speed. Ginger and the boys know it’ll be a riot, and start to lose faith in their fearless leader. The cops raid the clubhouse and line everyone up. Stripping the gang of their colors and kicks them out of town.

“You’ve had it. I don’t think even the zoo’s would have you”

Mike in a fit of rage, grabs Captain Bingham’s gun, screaming that they’ll split but on their own terms, he starts up his bike and, but is promptly shot in the back.

“Come now, let us reason together” -Isaiah 1,18

Credits roll while “No Communication” plays.

The Soundtrack features music by the Peanut Butter Conspiracy and the Lollipop Shoppe.


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