The best part of The Death Rider’s Thrill Show…is to stay alive!

Tuesday December 14th,

Film starts at 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken head

538 E. 14th street (A & B)

Death Riders (1976)

Meet the Death Riders … As They Attempt the Most Dangerous and Terrifying Stunts Ever Seen on Film!

This documentary follows a group of fearless young men as they criss-cross the country with a motorcycle rodeo clown named Squeeks, performing their “Death Riders Motorcycle Thrill Show” at local fairs. The film is absolutely endearing and brings to mind On Any Sunday (1971) meets Jackass, in the best possible of ways.

It’s nothing but a burning mass…He’s headed right for it now!

Flaming walls, long jumps over anything and everything, including fair going fans and even the inhabitants of a nudist colony.

What is the Flaming Dive Bomber you might ask…

The suspense is surprisingly nerve wracking as these riders take their lives in their hands to pull off death defying, hilariously named stunts.

Salt Lake City girls are pretty neat

The Death Riders work hard and play even harder. Downtime is spent, taking cowboys up on challenges to ride the bull, carnival rides with pretty local girls and taking the bikes out in the dirt of the vast American deserts.

The film even documents Larry Man, making a new world record jumping 45 people off a 2 foot ramp.

The director of photography for Death Riders, Vilmos Zsigmond also shot Sugarland Express and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It’s the photography that really makes this film great. Long wistful shots of American landscape, close up shot of adoring fans on the edge of their seats in the bleachers, and pensive silent moments of the boys before they put their necks on the line.

Check out this great site dedicated to the original Death Riders

The soundtrack is also wonderful. If anyone compiles it before me, please let me know!


Sunshine Baby – Terry Stafford

Broken Bones – Tommy Cash

The Glory Train – Pat Boone

Live for Now – T.D Sheppard

Death Rider – Dorsey Burnette

Junkyard Serenade – Porter Jordan

The Love of My man – Diane Jordan

Highway Country Blues – Kenny Seratt

I Hate to Drink Alone – Jerry Naylor

Sunny Side Up – Terry Stafford

Death Riders can be purchased as part of the Savage Cinema box set.

This film is respectfully dedicated to all whose daring feats cost them their lives

See all the images from the film here: Flickr Photos

– Corinna



  1. After 34 years, I didn’t expect anyone to be watching our movies anymore. Especially considering not too many people were kicking down the turnstyles (they had those back then) when they came out. I have copies of our other movie as well if you are interested in another borderline movie.


    1. Well Hello,
      I have to say, I hadn’t seen The Death Riders ’til recently, and didn’t know about you guys before that, but am so thrilled I found it. I’d love to get a copy of the other film. I’d love to do an interview with you as well if you’re interested!


  2. Its been way 2 long and i still have bikes and ride every chance i get . Update me on how the big world is treating you . Way to many fun memories to let slip away .


  3. Would love to contact the old guys and maybe have another reunion. Me, Danny, Cheese, and Cates all still live close to Danville


  4. Saw this in the theaters around the time it came out with some other long forgotten movie and been trying to remember what it was for the last 15-20 years. Glad I found it again.


  5. I was a member of the death riders motorcycle thrill show 1976 through 1977 I travel the country with Andy Reid Floyd Reid squeaks the Clown I’ll never forget the opportunity that was given to me by Floyd read I auditioned in Livonia Michigan right on Plymouth Road and was hired on the spot thanks again for the Reed family in the whole crew it was a time of my life. Robert Big Bob Miller.


  6. I was a member of the death riders motorcycle thrill show from 1976 through 1977 when I was injured during the off-season I audition for the death Riders in Livonia Michigan on Plymouth Road Floyd Reed hired me on the spot along with his son Danny Reed just want to say thank you for the opportunity it was the time of my life traveling the country with the death Riders my name is Robert Big Bob Miller.


  7. I lived in Danville il & the deathh riders lived in a house down the alley from us . they tought me & my brothers how to jump trash cans on our bicycles.
    They did a show there in Danville at a arway parking lot . this took place in the early 70s.


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