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Car Crazy…Speed Crazy…Boy Crazy!

April 2, 2011

Dragstrip Girl (1957)

Tuesday , April 5th 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken Head

538 E. 14th street (A & B)

[singing] She’s my Dragstrip Girl with a streamlined chasse Got a set of pipes and a grille that’s classy…Dragstrip Baby…Flip a switch and she’ll start to go Her motor starts a-sparkin and she can’t say no…Dragstrip Baby…She’s my Dragstrip Girl with a fuel-injection blast She may not have a future, but I’ll see she gets a past!…Dragstrip Baby of mi-i-ine…

Welcome to Hotrod-Ville

Louise Blake is barely 18, pretty and out for kicks in a new town. Making friends is easy in the suped up hot rod that she built with her gear head daddy, and she’s a hit with the drag race set pretty quick.

Louise: I think I can correct the side sway by z’ing the frame… what do you think?

Jim: How bout I come over tonight.

Fred and Jim, childhood friend’s compete for everything, and Louis is no exception. Louise likes both boys, but she’s got only one thing on her mind, Thrills.

Louise: I met a bunch of cats who manicure motors and are just mad for HP (horse power)

Mom: Oh deer, a speed demon for a daughter.

She’s daddy’s little girl in the garage, skipping gown fittings arranged by mother to slip into coveralls and get greasy.

The big hot rod sweepstake is coming up and Jim, a sweet but broke whiz mechanic is banking on the prize of a 4 year scholarship and with the work he’s put into his car, he’s a contender for the race…and Louise. Fred’s an arrogant rich kid and doesn’t need the prize, but now that the prize includes Louise, he buys a car and dumps a bundle into tricking it out to finally show Jim up.

They’re taking all the kicks out of this jazz

Louise and Fred bond over their love of speed and daredevil stunts when the he local authorities crack down on street dragging and try to get the kids to form a safe, organized car club and race on the strip. Jim’s not “yella” but he’s had a close call on the road and doesn’t think this c.c drag strip idea is so bad.

A short and merry life, that’s for me

Tempers flair and of course the fight’s settled with a chicken run that Fred and Louise instigate. A reluctant Jim only agrees to the run, to keep her from racing in his stead, but when one of the gang is injured. Fred, so consumed with winning doesn’t is more concerned with how he did than his hurt friend. Disgusted, Louise starts thinking Jim doesn’t seem so square anymore.

Eh, it’s car theft, no matter what you call it

The gang goes home to prep for the big race the next day, But Jim has other plans. Sneaking into the club garage, he steals Jim’s car to see what he’s up against. Opening it up on a local road, he hits a pedestrian and takes off without remorse. Leaving a hubcap behind and tell tale skid marks 3” wider at the back-end. The cops have custom clues and are on the hot rod scene fast.

I was playing everything for excitement, for laughs, but all of a sudden it wasn’t funny anymore.

The day of the big sweepstakes is here and Jim and Fred tied on the track as always. While they race, the cops narrow in on which hot rod the hubcap belongs to, and Fred obliges by pointing them in Jim’s direction. Louise, finding a clue in the car realizes what Fred did, but it’s too late. Jim’s arrested and the race seems lost. While the cops haul him off the track, Louise hops in the rod and takes tears out after Fred. She holds her own before the cops break things up and arrest him.

Hey, your transmissions showing. Gimme some clearance.

Louise won Jim his scholarship, they’re in love, the gang’s swingin’ and all’s well in Hotrod-Ville

– Corinna

She’s a dream at the dance…A Darling to romance…But a devil on wheels!

Obsessive screen shots HERE

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