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Oh my stars and garters!

April 8, 2011

The Pink Angels (1971)

Tuesday, April 12th 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken Head

538 E. 14th street (A & B)

A different kind of motion picture, about a different kind of motorcycle gang

The Pink Angels are a rough and tumble gang out to raise hell all along the California coast, while on route to get to the yearly Ladies Cotillion (Drag Queen contest) in L.A.

– I’m sick and tired of you, you fickle Pringle

– Why don’t you fairies stop making a scene

You’d expect it to be gay-sploitation flick, but soon it’s made clear that it’s the squares, not the fairies that are the butt of the joke.

Jesus Christ, you’re all faggots!

Quick cuts between their roadtrip frolicking and a sinister army base, run by a deranged General bent on locating and capturing all “long hairs” on a “top secret” map, set the anti-establishment tone.


fill her up and fluff up the tires

The film’s filled with One liners, food fights, gas station dilemmas over which bathroom to use, run-in’s with the cops, candelabra adorned dinner parties and comical orgies with local girls and biker gangs.

What did you have in mind Fancy Pants?

When stopped by state troopers (who are indeed wearing elaborately fancy trouser pants) and asked for papers, Edward hops out of a sidecar and hands the cop his book of poetry that he wrote for Ollie.

It’s a Maidenform…And it’s MINE!

The cops, not amused, decide to search the gang and their bikes for contraband. Finding a locked compartment in the side car, the cops open it to find not drugs, not weapons, but instead…a brazier

I have been raped…all for your freakin’ spark plug

There’s never a dull moment on the road with The Pink Angels…While waiting on Edward to return with plugs from a nearby town, they relax on the side of the road, chatting, hypnotizing horses with iron crosses…the usual…Edward returns in his scivvies, having been taken advantage of by a lecherous lady who gave him a lift.

I’ll kill those bananas

By this time, they’ve got the cops and a rival gang who they made fools of hot on their…ehem…

Biker: Where are the bananas?

Local: What’s a banana?

Biker: Cupcakes

In L.A, they check into the hotel, having lost a dress on the journey, they head into town for a new one. The evening arrives and the gang reappears…transformed into ladies.

Oh my stars and garters

The rival gang finds “the broads” in the local bar, but don’t recognize them, so they sit down and mingle. Hitting it off, they load “the ladies” onto the backs of their bikes and head to a party, but the military is there. The gang and their newly acquired “girls” are all hauled in for questioning.

Nothing I’d like better than to hang a few of those long haired bastards

The General who is on some incoherent, maniacal tirade about long hairs ruining America, probes the “gals” for incriminating dirt on the bikers. He’s on a mission to rid the world of this scurge on humanity…The “gals” not only fail to bad mouth the very rival gang they mercilessly taunted and deceived, but what’s more, they voluntarily reveal that they are not girls at all…but bikers themselves…cross dressing, biker faggots!

The film ends with the pink angels hung from a tree.

“God Bless America” plays over the credits….

– Corinna


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