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I think you’ve seen too many motorcycle movies

August 8, 2011

C.C And Company (1970)

Tuesday, August 9th 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken Head

538 E. 14th street (A & B)

Opening scene: C.C Ryder (Joe Namath) in the supermarket, making a sandwich.

I know what’s the matter. You don’t like my Yule Brenner look

C.C Ryder, a motorcycle mechanic who hooks up with The Heads, an outlaw biker gang, with porta-potty trike. While tooling around, they run into a limo broken down on the side of the road. The gang tries to get funny with the damsel in distress, but C.C breaks it up fast.

The moon and it’s satellites request your presence at the throne

The gang ‘aint pleased about what he did. Gang leader Moon (William Smith) tells him to shape up or ship out, and then promptly gets back to gang business…sending the old ladies out to hussle.

They made asses out of themselves trying to burn up the course on choppers

Ann McCalley (Ann Margaret) is a fashion designer who’s hooked up with the dirt bike circuit for the season’s collection. She runs back into the gang when they decide to chase the games. Making a spectacle, they take the choppers on the track and mayhem ensues.

What the hell is he doing out there?

But C.C, not so into the shenanigans, does seem to like the dirt scene. Early the next morning, C.C sneaks away from the gang and heads to a dealership to buy a dirt bike. A Kawasaki F5. Of course by buy, I mean tie it to the sissy bar of his chopper and take off…

You race?

The Kawasaki racing team thinks he’s got potential and offers C.C a job, and Ann starts to fall for C.C when she sees him race.

You guys wanna watch this freak show, that is your hang up man, not mine

C.C takes the race, and gives the gang a cut of the winnings, Moon is not happy and wants the whole take. They fight and C.C splits after making out with Moon’s girl and stealing the gang’s money.

He scoops Ann up at Kawasaki and takes her to a show. Wayne Cochran & The C.C Riders…they dance the night away and both are hooked on each other.

Sweet little love nest you have here, man.

C.C moves into her mansion and they play house, A few days later, while out for groceries, the gang breaks in and holds Ann hostage.

Look at the citizen

They have Ann held out at the camp, and take C.C to her, where the mammas are giving her a hard time. Moon only agrees to let them split if C.C pays back the $500 he stole and another $500 on top. But they won’t let him leave with Ann to go get it, so he’s stuck…until Moon suggests a race. C.C suggests a flat track race. Moon fusses but finally gives in when C.C ups the anti to $2k and calls him chicken.

No way man, this chick is what you call C.O.D

On a college campus runners track late that night, they race. They’re neck and neck, until Moon has bike trouble and swaps out for Rabbits hog.. trying to catch up, he rides like crazy until he smashes the chopper directly into a convertible (1956 belair?) and croaks. C.C hauls ass out of there with the rest of the gang hot on his wheels.

Miss New York hot shit, in all her glory

C.C sneaks away, scoops up Ann who wants to see about this “looking for something” biker life and they hit the road.

– Corinna

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