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Red Hot Mamas From Hell!

December 18, 2011

She-Devils on Wheels (1986)

Tuesday, December 20th

Film starts at 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken Head

538 East 14st (between Ave A & B)

As always, free popcorn and $2 Vehicular Bingo for prizes!

Get off the road and into Otto’s Shrunken Head for a Holiday Cheer! MotorGrrl and Cine Meccanica are inviting you to our Holiday Party!!!!! “She Devils on Wheels” will be screened which features some of the most memorable characters you will ever meet: Queenie, Whitey, Honeypot, and you! Man Eaters! – Val, MotorGrrl

Nothing Stops Them…They Stop At Nothing!

Shot in 2 weeks for $50,000 and using a cast of mostly real life biker chicks, this 60’s cult moto flick turns the classic rolls of bikers and their mammas on it’s head.

Don’t wait up for me Momma

In the opening scene, Karen heads out one day in a demure little outfit and hops in her car waving bye to momma. As soon as the first corner is turned however, she ducks into a garage and re-emerges a moment later in a miniskirt, adorably appliquéd kitty cat gang vest and riding a pink 1968 Honda CB 450 K1.

Riding their men as viciously as they ride their motorcycles!

While the ‘Man Eaters’ theme song plays and titles roll, she tears off down the road. Meeting another gang chick on the way, they head to the Man Eaters club house.

Hey Whitey, what’s the action?

Queenie and all the chicks are at the there, preparing for a ‘stud ride’ (a Sadie Hawkin’s style race, if you will). They have ‘half a dozen horny hog riders’ waiting for the gals to race. The idea is the winner gets first choice of plaything for that night’s festivities.

What’ll it be tonight, a stud, a bronc, or maybe you’ll really join the club and pick a philly.

Karen wins the race and and the orgy ensues. Honey Pot, the gang’s newest member, riding a 1959 Honda Super Cub CA 100, isn’t allowed to partake as she hasn’t been properly initiated yet. Karen and Bill head out together and they other get down.

Go fumigate yourself, crap-head!

The next morning, the gang has a sit down about Karen. They’re not keen on her being hooked on Bill (she picks him every chance she gets). They threaten to kick her out if she doesn’t stop monogamizing. For good measure, they beat him up, tie him to a bike, and drag him down the road, shredding him to hamburger.

Sex, guts, blood…and all men are mothers!

The next night Honey Pot is finally accepted into the fold and in a blood sister’s right, they swear her in. She get’s all the stud action she’d been missing out on, and the other gals go galavanting in town, where of course they clash with the local authorities.

Why you dirty mother

Run ins with cops, and a rival all male gang of hot rodders begin to escalate. Karen’s old bow Ted tries to get her to quit the life, and inter gang quarrels arise…When the rivalry with Joe Boy’s hot rod gang turn extra nasty there are a slew of gangland shenanigans including a spectacularly bad decapitation, and the roughing up of Honey Pot.

Soft, Hell!

But, as with all rivalry’s sooner of later there’s a slip up. Queenie leaves a necklace behind, at the scene of the shenanigans. The cops get wise and off to jail they go. And with that, the credits roll.

Ah well. It was a good run, Man Eaters!

– Corinna

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