The story of a rebel and his bike!

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)

Valentines Day, Tuesday February 14th

Films start at 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken Head

538 East 14st (between Ave A & B)

As always, free popcorn, and $2 Vehicular Bingo for prizes!

Ghost trucker ladies, angry roadstop bikers and a man’s love for his bicycle…So, come on down to Otto’s. Get yourself a tiki drink, and spend V Day cuddled up with your favorite sweetheart (be they warm blooded, or gear driven) to watch the flicks…and don’t forget to tell ’em Large Marge sent you! – Corinna 

I wouldn’t sell my bike for all the money in the world. Not for a hundred million, trillion, billion dollars! 

Pee-wee Herman loves his bike more than anything else in the world and refuses to sell it to his spoiled neighbor Francis Buxton. The bike is stolen while visiting Dottie at a bicycle shop called “Chuck’s Bikeorama”, and Pee-wee visits a psychic named Madame Ruby who tells him that the bike is hidden in the basement of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas.

There’s a lotta things about me you don’t know anything about, Dottie. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand. Things you shouldn’t understand. 

On the way there, he meets Simone, a waitress at a restaurant with a dream of living in Paris. Her jealous boyfriend Andy thinks Pee-wee and Simone are romantically linked, which results Andy to get Pee-Wee into a fight, but Pee-wee flees into a boxcar on a moving train. Making it to San Antonio, he finds that the Alamo has no basement.

Did anybody tell you that this is the private club of the Satan’s Helpers?

Disappointed, Pee-wee visits a bar to use the telephone, but disturbs a biker gang after accidentally knocking over their motorcycles. Fearing they are going to kill him, Pee-wee asks for one last request and dances to “Tequila”, winning the respect of the bikers. The bikers give him a motorcycle, but Pee-wee quickly crashes it through anadvertisement sign, ending up in the hospital. There, he learns that his bike now belongs to Kevin Morton, a child star who is currently filming a movie with the bike as a prominent plot device.

The mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! It’s like you’re unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting…

Pee-wee enters Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, disguises himself as a nun, and steals the bike back. In a wild chase scene, he flees from the Warner Bros. security staff through a variety of sets, causing havoc throughout the lot. Various actors and props, including a boat-shaped car, a Santa Claus sleigh, and a man in a Godzilla costume, get swept into the chase. He also interrupts the shooting of a Twisted Sister music video for “Burn in Hell” from Stay Hungry.

Be sure and tell ’em Large Marge sent ya! Heh heh heh heh heh. 

Using the gadgets on his bike when driving through the set of Tarzan and a western set, Pee-wee manages to evade and fake out the guards and escape the studio. As he blissfully rides away however, Pee-wee discovers a burning pet shop. After heroically saving all the animals, Pee-wee faints on the sidewalk near the store’s doorstep upon having to carry out the pet snakes just as the fire department and police arrive. Though the fireman considers Pee-wee a hero, the policeman states that Pee-wee is under arrest.

 Look out, Mister Potato Head! 

Pee-wee is brought before a Warner Bros. studio executive who offers to buy the rights to Pee-wee’s story in exchange for dropping all charges. Dottie is summoned into the office, bringing along Pee-Wee’s beloved bicycle. He attends the premiere at his local drive-in theater, and it turns out to be a James Bond-style action film involving James Brolin and Morgan Fairchild fighting ninjas.

I know you are, but what am I? 

Pee-wee has a cameo appearance as a bellhop, with his voice dubbed over. After watching for a few minutes, Pee-wee decides to leave, having already lived the real story. Reunited with his bike, he rides away with Dottie, happily ever after. – Wikipedia

Biker #2: [the whole gang holds Pee-wee hostage] I say we kill him! 
Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah! 
Biker #3: I say we hang him, *then* we kill him! 
Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah! 
Biker #4: I say we stomp him! 
Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah! 
Biker #4: Then we tattoo him! 
Biker Gang: [shout] Yeah! 
Biker #4: Then we hang him…! 
Biker Gang: [shout] YEAH!’! 
Biker #4: And then we kill him! 
Biker Gang: [shout] YEAH!’!’! 
Pee-wee: [tries to throw voice without moving lips] I say we let him go. 
Biker Gang: [shout] NO!’!’! 
Biker Mama: [whistles] I say ya let me have him first! 
Biker Gang: [break out in raucous laughter]



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