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It’s Elvis with his foot on the gas and no brakes on the fun!

April 9, 2012

Spinout (1966)

Tuesday April 10th

Film starts at 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken head

538 E. 14th street (A & B)

As always, free popcorn, and $2 Vehicular Bingo for prizes!

 …singing! …chasing! …racing …romancing! …swinging!

Mike McCoy is the lead singer of a small time band that’s criss crossing the country in a 1929 Duesenberg J Derham Dual Cowl Phaeton, trailing nothing but their gear and a 1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, playing gigs, camping out and racing cars. Mike’s a free spirit and a playboy. He doesn’t want to be famous. He even turns Fox Hughs, of Foxy racing down flat when he approaches Mike to sing for his daughter at her birthday. Mike refuses, saying that if they play the gig, they’ll get put on the radio. If they get put on the radio, they’ll get famous. If they get famous, they’ll have be conform, and gasp, get married. His female drummer Les (Deborah Walley) who’s fallen for him, doesn’t think this sounds so bad but puts on a good show of being one of the fellas.

1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet

If you’re not out of here in about three seconds, I’m gonna put ya over my knee… I’m gonna paddle your bottom until it’s as red as that jalopy you’re drivin’!

In Santa Monica, where the band is finishing up a night club stay, every girl in throwing distance seems to be out to wed young Mike McCoy. One fast chick. a millionaire’s daughter (Shelley Fabares) in a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet goes so far as to run him into a pond when they’re ‘flirting’ on the road. The Cobra’s trashed and Mike’s not impressed. Turns out the spoiled chicky is Foxy’s daughter and the plot thickens. Foxy threatens to pull the bands record contract if he doesn’t play the birthday gig, and he’s forced to comply.

1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

Ok flat foot, cut the soft sell. What’s the charge?

Les, the band’s drummer is quite the fella. She cooks gourmet meals while they camp like hobos, albeit adorable mod hobos. Foxy who’s now trying to run the gang out of town if Mike won’t race for him, sends a cop to hassle them for vagrancy. Luckily, the cop he sends happens to be a gourmet cook as well and he gives the band a pass…while making one for Les. Instead of being intimidated, Mike crafts a plot to move in next door. If they live in town, Foxy can’t stop them from playing local gigs, without strings.

1929 Duesenberg J Derham Dual Cowl Phaeton

They don’t make ’em like that anymore

He sweet talks the elderly couple in the neighboring estate into taking a second honeymoon in his Duesenberg (the same car they took on their first, by chance), and he promises to take very good care of their house while they’re away, of course. So, they settle in and throw rockin’ pool parties in their ’lil’ beach shack’.

Diana St. Clair: That’s right, and as soon as I domesticate you – get you housebroken – you’ll be the best husband a girl ever had. 
Mike McCoy: Husband? 

All the meanwhile, Mike’s being stalked by a persistant author, who’s become famous for writing on the subject of bagging a bachelor. She’s set her sites on Mike as ‘the perfect man’ and isn’t taking no for an answer.

1965 Elva M1A Mclaren

Boy that car is something else.

Mike test drives Foxy’s car. A 1965 Elva M1A Mclaren. He loves it and can’t say no. However, Mike’s a bit of a dope. Foxy uses reverse psychology on him to tell him to never, under any circumstances to try to date his daughter. The minute he’s told not to marry her, that’s all he wants. He refuses to race Foxy’s car and promises to marry his daughter. So…The band hits the garage and fixes up the Cobra to show Foxy up.

Balchowsky Ol’ Yaller MkIV

I’d rather stay single, do the things I like to do, race, sing… 

The day of the big race is here. Foxy races the Elva, Philip, steals Mike’s Cobra. Mike tries to race the Duesenberg but the honeymooners forgot to fill the tank. Be borrows a last minute Balchowsky Ol’ Yaller MkIV and wins the race.

 Excuse me, I seem to be bumping your binoculars.

When forced to choose which girl to marry, the drummer, the heiress or the author, he makes the only logical choice…he marries them all off to other guys, hires a new chick drummer who swears she’ll never marry ‘til she’s at least 55, and hits the road!

The End

– Corinna Mantlo

The Songs of the film:


Stop, Look & Listen

Adam & Evil

All that I am

Never say yes

Am I ready

Beach Shack


I’ll be back

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