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So, you wanna fight?!

April 17, 2012

Girl Boss Guerilla (1972)

(女番長ゲリラ Sukeban gerira

Tuesday April 17th

Film starts at 9pm

Otto’s Shrunken head

538 E. 14th street (A & B)

As always, free popcorn, and $2 Vehicular Bingo for prizes!

Sorry for the late (and lame) review this week. I spent the weekend in lovely Delaware, getting the bejesus knocked out of me in the dirt at American Supercamp. I promise to post a proper review shortly…Until then, see you at the flicks!

Rule number one:

Girl Boss Guerilla (女番長ゲリラ Sukeban gerira) is a 1972 Japanese film in the sukeban (delinquent girl) sub-genre of Toei’s “Pinky violence” style of Pink film. The third in the seven-film Girl Boss series, it was directed by Norifumi Suzuki and starred Miki Sugimoto and Reiko Ike.

Any one who betrays the gang sisters

Miko Sugimoto is the leader of the Red Helmet Gang, a biker girl gang from Shinjuku who wind up in Kyoto and make a bid to take over the local girl gangs there. Successful for a short time in ruling the streets it isn’t long before Miko and her crew run afoul of the local Yakuza, and are forced to turn to Reiko Ike, a ronin Yakuza girl, and sister to one of the top Yakuza in Kyoto, for help, leading to a murderous showdown at a small coastal resort. – IMDB

Will be dragged around behind a bike

Girl Boss Guerilla was released in 2006 on DVD as part of the 4-disc Pinky Violence Collection box set released by Panik House.

– Corinna



Greetings from American Supercamp!

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