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Youth on the loose!

June 4, 2012

Hot Rod Girl (1956)

Wednesday, June 6th

Film starts at 8pm

Food hits the grill at 7:30pm!

Lady Jay’s

633 Grand St

(between Leonard St & Manhattan Ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Free Popcorn, Juke Box Meccanica, $2 Bingo for Prizes, PRIZES!

and delicious home made BBQ by ‘Tom & Dick‘…So come hungry and come early!!

Teenage terrorists tearing up the streets!

Somewhere in the California desert, the local law has set up a city-sanctioned dragstrip to keep the local hot rod set off the streets.

More kids on the dragstrip means less hot rods on the street

Frequented by the likes of Jeff Northrop, a champion racer and hotshot mechanic; his girl Lisa Vernon, a pretty, drag racing blonde driving a 1955 T-bird (her own car, as the filmmakers were short on funds), his brother Steve, a young but up and coming driver; and ‘The Kids’, Flat Top (Frank Gorshin, aka the “Riddler” from  the 1960’s “Batman” series), Two Tanks and their girls.

She’s strictly horse and buggy. She doesn’t dig hot rods at all.

After a long day of turning good times on the track, the kids pack it in and head to Yo-Yo’s for sodas. Jeff rides with Steve in a car he ‘bought for him and hopped up’ to work out some bugs. Steve’s a good kid and learning fast, but he’s living with auntie and feeling the strong call of the demon, speed…

He’s looking for trouble. Disappoint him.

When an unknown hooligan cuts him off at a pass, he’s quick to race, regardless of his brother’s pleas. At a treacherous turn, the car flips, the brothers are tossed out, and Steve is killed instantly. Jeff, crushed with the guilt of his brother’s death disappears into his work at the shop and away from the kids and the track.

Some of the squirrels up at yo-yo’s tell me you’re the most.

Bronk Talbot, a new cat in town with a record longer than his car’s hood, rolls into Yo-Yo’s in a store bought, hopped up 1950 Oldsmobile 88 Futuramic. He’s looking for a mechanic …and trouble

Close the strip? They wouldn’t dare. My whole wardrobe is made for hot rodding.

Hopped up on soda pop, and lacking their roll model, the kids start to get restless for the thrill of the open road race. Lisa sees the coming danger and pleads with them to stay on the track, but without Jeff around, keeping the speed junkies on the straight and narrow is getting harder. Short drags start breaking out, and the local cops are racking up the citations and threatening to confiscate the rods.

Ok chickens, head for your roosts.

Bronk, dead set on hassling the kids, and hot for Lisa, finally pushes the kids to their limit, and challenges Flat Top to a game of chicken. Jeff, who’s finally re-appeared tries to talk Flat Top out of it, but it’s too late. He’s lost his pull.

I was nuts. Squirrely. Playing chicken with a king sized maniac.

The race is on and Bronk is playing for keeps. Flat Top chickens at the last minute, almost taking out the gang as he swings the rod off the white line. Scared straight, they head back to Yo-Yo’s and to Jeff. Their short run as lawless street racers is over, but the damage is done.

You’re wearing the badge, I’ll follow you to the strip.

Det. Ben Merrill, a local cop who’s been hip to the hot rod set has finally been pushed too far. Merrill knows Bronk’s behind the trouble, but unable to bring him in on the new charge of reckless driving, he orders him to the track, thinking that once he’s there, he’ll be reformed. 

He doesn’t want help…Just trouble.

Of course his car’s a shoddy rod and doesn’t qualify for the race standards. Angrier than ever, Bronk hops in his car to terrorize Jeff and Lisa in her T-Bird. Swirving all over the road, trying to force them to drag, things get messy when an ‘innocent lil kid on a bike’ gets in the way. The kid is killed and Lisa is hurt.

Thanks Jeff. It looks like you’ve settled an old score.

When Bronk swears it was the T-Bird that nailed the ‘lil boy, Merrill has no choice but to take Jeff in. He knows this is a lie, but what can he do. He’s just one cop. So…He gets Jeff and Lisa to meet him at Yo-Yo’s, where they corner Bronk. A fight breaks out. Jeff wins, Merrill arrests Bronk, he kids get to keep the dragstrip, and all’s well in Coolsville.

– Corinna



can’t make it to the flicks? watch the full film here!


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