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There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No way to stop…THE CAR!

October 2, 2012

The Car (1977)

Wednesday, October 3rd

Film starts at 8:00pm

Lady Jay’s: 633 Grand St, between Mnhattan & Leonard, Bklyn, NY 11211

Free popcorn, Juke Box Meccanica, $2 Bingo for Prizes. PRIZES!

Delicious home made BBQ by ‘Dick & Tom’…food hits the grill at 7:30pm, so come hungry and come early!!

What EVIL drives… The Car

The film is set in the fictional Utah community of Santa Ynez. Two bikers are cycling on the canyon, and a mysterious black car is following them down the road. At the bridge, the car rams them at the back, causing them to fly over the bridge, killing them on the spot.

Yeah… yeah, ten years of giving out traffic tickets, and all this in one day!

The police is called to the first of a series of hit and run deaths, apparently caused by the same car that appears heavily customized and has no license plate, making identification difficult. Sheriff Everett Peck (John Marley) gets a lead on the car when it is witnessed by Amos Clemens (R.G. Armstrong) after it runs over a hitchhiker. After the car claims the sheriff as its fourth victim while trying to kill Amos, it becomes the job of Captain Wade Parent (James Brolin) to stop the deaths. During the resulting investigation, an eyewitness to the accident states that there was no driver inside the vehicle.

Whatever happened to last Thursday? I had it made last Thursday.

Despite a police cordon being placed around all roads in the area, the car enters town and attacks the school marching band as it rehearses at the local show ground. It chases the group of teachers and students, among them Wade’s girlfriend Lauren (Kathleen Lloyd), into a cemetery. Curiously enough, the machine will not enter onto the consecrated ground as Lauren taunts the purported driver that any of the townsfolk have yet to see. Seemingly in anger, the car destroys a brick gate post and leaves. The police chase the automobile along highways throughout the desert before it turns on them, destroying several squad cars and killing five officers in the process. Wade confronts the vehicle and is surprised to see that none of his bullets put a dent on the car’s windshield or tires. After trying to open the door, Wade is injured, and the car escapes.

Are you gonna stand there philosophizing, or are you gonna buy me a drink? You’re not smart enough to do both.

The hunt for the car becomes a personal vendetta for Wade when the automobile stalks and eliminates Lauren by driving straight through her house, right when he is speaking to her over the phone. Wade’s deputy Luke (Ronny Cox) puts forward the theory that it acted in revenge for the insults hurled on it by Lauren and notes it cannot enter hallowed ground. Wade concocts a plan to stop the car by burying it beneath a controlled explosion in the canyons that lie outside of town. After discovering it waiting for him in his own garage, he is forced to carry out his plans post haste. He is pursued by the car into a mountainous canyon area where his fellow officers have set a trap for the machine, and a final confrontation settles the score with a demonic visage appearing in the smoke and fire of the explosion, shocking the police officers.


The final scenes show Wade refusing to believe what the group saw in the flames, despite Deputy Johnson’s insistence about what he saw. The film concludes, in some cuts, with the car prowling city streets, clearly having survived. – wikipedia

THE CAR car:

The evil car in the film was a customized 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III designed by famed customizer George Barris, who also designed the The MunstersMunster Koach” and the original “Batmobile” used in the 1966 television series Batman.

Production facts:

There were six cars built in six weeks for the filming and all were destroyed during production. Supposedly, a seventh car was built later and displayed for a time at Universal Studios, but was eventually given back to Barris, who later sold it to a private collector in the 1980s.

Evil endorsement:

The late Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey was given a “Technical Advisor” credit on the film. His quote: “Oh great brothers of the night who rideth upon the hot winds of hell, who dwelleth in the Devil’s lair; move and appear,” is given in the opening credits.

Extra footage:

Footage from this film is seen in the Knight Rider episode “Trust Doesn’t Rust”, shown at the end when “KARR” is destroyed by driving off a cliff, a glimpse of “The Car” is seen going over the cliff instead. – production notes courtesy of wikipedia

Cine Meccanica Fact:

A 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V painted with ominous flames was chosen and raced 2904 miles cross country from NY to SF in the notorious THE 2904, regardless of an estimated 7 miles to the gallon max, partly because we grew up to believe THE CAR was THE toughest car out there!

Needless to say, we didn’t win, though it did get 14 miles to the gallon, but we took the style trophy, in spades!

Yes, that’s right, we raced against the A Team van.

The 2904 will ride again in 2012. Check it out on the WEBSITE

-Corinna Mantlo

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