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Ride with the Living Dead!

October 4, 2012

Psychomania (1972)

Aka The Death Wheelers

Wednesday, October 10th

Film starts at 8:00pm

Lady Jay’s: 633 Grand St, between Mnhattan & Leonard, Bklyn, NY 11211

Free popcorn, Juke Box Meccanica, $2 Bingo for Prizes. PRIZES!

Delicious home made BBQ by ‘Dick & Tom’…food hits the grill at 7:30pm, so come hungry and come early!!

Tom… you’re not human! Sometimes you scare me!

This classic, pre punk British video nasty tells the tail of “The Living Dead”. A motorcycle gang who tear about on their Triumphs and adorably terrorize a small town. The gang leader Tom, Latham (Nicky Henson, of Witchfinder General “fame”) is a sinister sort with a dark family legacy.

Everybody dies don’t they…but some come back

Tom learns the secret to immortality from his Mum and her creepy butler Shadwell (George Sanders of Village of the Damned) who made a pact with the devil back when Tom was still in swaddling clothes. It seems that as long as you truly believe that you’ll come back, then you will.

Tom: What’s the fastest anyone ever did on the motorway. 95…Today we do The Ton

Abby: What, that’s suicide

Tom: Well, hell you gotta go sometime

Armed with a cemetery toad and a pair of his Da’s glasses, Tom takes the plunge (literally). He takes his bike on the motorway, and does “The Ton” right off of a bridge.

Abby Holman (Mary Larkin), his girl and fellow Living Dead member is crushed and goes to see Tom’s mum, who agrees to let the gang bury Tom in their own way, buried upright on his bike, in the center of the “7 Witches”, a clearing outside of town where legend has it that 7 witches who reneged on their pact with the devil were turned long ago into stone as punishment.

Well, I’m dead mother, but other than that I’m splendid

Shortly after the burial, with much revving of the Bonne’s engine, an undead Tom and his bike fly from their grave and he begins a teenage antic filled murder spree across town.

You know why the fuzz called Mummy? Because we blew his mind

After stopping by to tea with mother, Tom returns to the 7 Witches and after convincing the gang that he is truly himself and immortal, they all eagerly begin to plot their own, dramatic and entertaining suicides.

Jane Pettibone (Ann Michelle) the new leader is the first to join, throwing herself into an oncoming truck on her bike. Hinky doesn’t make it since he hesitated at the last minute…he didn’t want it bad enough. The rest throw themselves out of windows, drown themselves in rivers tied to weights, and go skydiving without parachutes.

The only one hesitant is Abby. She tries her best to do herself in with pills, but wakes to find herself in a hospital. She’s been rescued before succumbing, and now no longer wants to die, even to obtain immortality.

I want to take your body to the morgue and see what will happen

Chief Inspector Hesseltine (Robert Hardy) recruits Abby to be bait to lure in the gang. They fake her death and she rejoins the undead gang. Not until she fails to ride through a brick wall do Tom and the gang catch on. Back at the 7 Witches, The gang gives her a ghoulish ultimatum to commit suicide and join the ranks, or be killed by them, with no hope of return. Abby takes the gun to kill herself, but unloads it in Tom’s chest instead. Tom unfazed goes to strangle her…

At home, becoming clear that Tom is out of control, Mother and Shadwell begin a ritual to end the devil’s pact once and for all…

The sky blackens, lightning strikes, thunder claps and mother is turned into a toad. Instantaneously, the (now truly) Living Dead are turned to stone themselves right before Abby’s eyes. Leaving only her and her bike behind.

-Corinna Mantlo

The only teenage zombie biker frog voodoo hippy musical that Beryl Reed ever made

During a BBC interview star Nicky Henson said that he has always thought the film was terrible and only decided to be in it because he thought no one would ever see the film. He was surprised to find himself being interviewed about Psychomania forty years later. – IMDB


Can’t make it to Lady Jay’s? Watch the full film below:

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