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Hot Lead…Hot Cars…Hot Damn!

December 27, 2012

Big Bad Mama (1974)


Men, Money And Moonshine: When It Comes To Vice, Mama Knows Best.

The last film in our bootlegger, prohibition series this month brings us another Roger Corman ‘classic’. starring William Shatner no less. As it’s Christmas week, there’s no screening at Lady Jay’s this week, but this gem is up on the youtubes for you viewing pleasure (see link below). Enjoy, and happy holidays! – Corinna


That’s Goddamn blasphemy!

After the death of her lover, Wilma takes over his bootlegging business, but without much success. She soon meets up with bank robber Fred, who convinces her and her daughters to join him for his next big heist. In the meantime, Wilma also kidnaps the daughter of a millionaire in the hopes of getting rich off the ransom. Will Wilma and Fred be able to retire with their ill-gotten gains, or will the law eventually catch up with them? – IMDB


Wilma gave her daughters everything – her looks, her lovers and the crime of their lives!


watch the full film here

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