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If you’re going to race with the devil, you’ve got to be as fast as Hell!

July 4, 2013

Race With The Devil (1975)

Wednesday, July 10th

8pm – food and previews. Film starts at 8:30 sharp.

Lady Jay’s,

633 Grand St (bet Leonard & Manhattan), Bklyn, NY 11211

Free popcorn, Juke Box Meccanica, $2 Bingo for Prizes. PRIZES!

Delicious home cooking by Happy Homesteader…This week’s menu is TACOS! so come hungry and come early!!

Race+With+The+Devil+quadPeter Fonda and Warren Oates are burning their bridges and a lot of rubber… on the deadliest stretch of road in the country!

Roger Marsh (Peter Fonda) and Frank Stewart (Warren Oates) own a successful motorcycle dealership in San Antonio. Together, with their wives Kelly and Alice (Lara Parker, Loretta Swit), along with Roger and Kelly’s small dog, they leave San Antonio in a recreational vehicle (RV) for a much anticipated ski vacation in Colorado.

race-with-the-devilAlong the way, they set up camp in a desolate area of central Texas, where Roger and Frank race their motorcycles together. Later that night after their wives retire to the RV, the men witness what turns out to be a Satanic ritual human sacrifice a short distance from their camp.

dvd-racewithdevil-6201They witnessed an unspeakable act! It may cost them their lives!

After being found out by the Satanists and barely escaping with their lives, they report the incident to the local sheriff (R.G. Armstrong), who investigates their report but attempts to convince them that they probably only saw hippies killing an animal. Unbeknownst to the sheriff, Roger steals a sample of dirt stained with the murder victim’s blood, intent on delivering it to the authorities in Amarillo. At the same time, the women steal books on Satanism from the local library, to further research the incident. As the foursome leaves town, the sheriff knowingly sees a truck begin to follow them, making it clear that he is either aware or part of the Satanic cult.

race-with-the-devil2When the couples stay at a trailer park, they return from dinner to discover that Roger and Kelly’s dog has been brutally killed, causing them to immediately leave the park in a panic. As the couples head towards Amarillo, they are pursued by a steadily increasing number of cultists who seem to be networked throughout numerous small Texas towns. When Roger tries to use a payphone to contact the state authorities, he is are told that the long distance lines are down throughout their town.

racescreenIf you’re going to race with the devil, you’ve got to be as fast as Hell!

Eventually, Roger and Frank purchase a shotgun and stage a showdown with the cult members during a high speed chase that pits their RV against a convoy of trucks. Roger and Frank kill or wound all of the attackers and escape. The foursome stop in a field at nightfall, as they cannot continue until morning since the RV’s headlights were damaged during the chase. They begin to celebrate when they pick up a radio signal coming from Amarillo. In the middle of their celebration, the foursome hears chanting outside the RV and find themselves surrounded by cult members, which include the sheriff and a couple they had dinner with at the trailer park. The film ends as the cult lights a ring of fire around the vehicle, trapping the couples inside. – Wikipedia


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