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Billy, I like you. You got class.

December 23, 2013

1526619_10151846672656173_1684712662_nRIP Tom Laughlin aka Billy Jack (1931-2013)

Earlier this month, we lost a great actor, Tom Laughlin. Laughlin is a Cine Meccanica favorite for his 1967 film Born Losers, in which he created and played a kind, spiritual, vigilant hero. The film was followed by a series of well loved Billy Jack films (sans motorcycles), and as the New York Times article (below)  discusses with Laughlin’s daughter…Laughlin was Billy Jack, as much as Billy Jack was Laughlin.

Teresa Laughlin said in a telephone interview that her father was a person of great spiritual yearnin — not unlike the Billy Jack character. “The separation between the character of Billy Jack and my father was tissue thin,” she said, “at its thickest part.” – The New York Times

Read the full New York Times article on the life of Tom Laughlin, HERE.

1461078_10151846673436173_916229912_nBilly Jack wheeling Vicky’s YamahaYDS3 in Born Losers

Born Losers (1967) was the third biker outlaw flick to be made by American International Pictures in the mid 60’s. Following in the tire tracks of Wild Angels (1966), and Devils Angels (1967), the film was left in the hands of it’s star, Tom Laughlin, to write, direct and produce (all under alias’) since Roger Corman was busy filming The St. Valentines Day Massacre. Born Losers is also one of the first in a long line of American Vigilante films, portraying an outcast forced to take on the bad guys when the system fails to help. The film is the first in the cult classic Billy Jack film series which would take this theme even farther, though dropping the biker element…

Read the full Cine Meccanica review of Born Losers (1967) HERE, and be sure to scoot on over to Lady Jay’s on January 8th as we kick off the first film of 2014 in homage to Tom Laughlin, by screening what else, but Born Losers!

See you at the flicks,


Tom Laughlin “Billy Jack” Interview

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