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Kitten on wheels, with her bike, her boots and her bikini!

January 2, 2014

Born Losers (1967)

Wednesday, January 8th

Film starts at 8pm

Lady Jay’s633 Grand St between Manhattan & Leonard, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Free Popcorn, Juke Box Meccanica, $2 Bingo for Prizes, PRIZES!

They’re the sickest sicko gang around!

Born Losers is the third biker outlaw flick to be made by American International Pictures in the mid 60’s. Following in the tire tracks of The Wild Angels, and Devils Angels, the film was left in the hands of it’s star, Tom Laughlin, to write, direct and produce (all under alias’) since Roger Corman was busy filming The St. Valentines Day Massacre. Born Losers is also one of the first in a long line of American Vigilante films, portraying an outcast forced to take on the bad guys when the system fails to help. The film is the first in the cult classic Billy Jack film series which would take this theme even farther, though dropping the biker element…

(The Wild One Reference perhaps)

Billy, I like you. You got class

Born Losers tells the tale of Billy Jack (writer-director Tom Laughlin), a half-breed ex-Green Beret and Vietnam veteran, just trying to mind his own business in Big Rock, California.

Co-Ed 1:Don’t they just give you the creeps?

Co-Ed 2: I think they’re kind of cute

But when a renegade gang of hoodlums, Born to Lose M.C (including such characters as Gangrene, Crabs, Child, Speechless and Q-Ball) roll through town for spring break, picking fights with squares, drag racing in the streets, and drugging young bikini clad co-eds back at “The Fun House” (complete with nazi graffiti and snake charmer girls of course) to turn them out to be mammas, and the law won’t help, things get out of hand.

That’s about as intelligent as asking if I want the Bubonic Plague

Despite himself, Billy is thrown into his roll of vigilante hero. He always seems to be in the wrong (or perhaps right) place at the wrong (you got it) time.

You, uh bumped my bike, son

When first he stands up to the gang to defend a young kid beat to a pulp for “eying the sheep” through the window of his 1958 Volkswagen De Luxe Sedan, Billy’s forced to shoot.

I don’t need help from any screw

Even though in self-defense, the gang goes free and Billy’s hit with a huge fine or jail time. Forced to sell his Jeep CJ-5 to cover the fine, he wants nothing to do with heroism…until

Kinda a big bike for such a ‘lil girl isn’t it?

He crosses paths with a young, tough as nails, mod co-ed in town for the week on her 1965 YamahaYDS3 (clad in a riding ensemble of bikini, boots and kerchief) after daddy stood her up, again.

Are you gonna let those animals get away with it?

She gets hassled by the Losers too and Billy’s right there to save her. By the time spring break is over, the juvenile arrest count is 974. Vicky and 2 other girls have been roughed up bad and the cops are after them to testify against the Loser assailants. From their beat up, drugged out, catatonic states, they don’t want anything to do with the case, and the gang keeps lurking around to discourage them further. Jane Russell makes a great appearance as the stripper mom of one of raped girls here.

What’ll the waitresses think?!

Billy and Vicky chase and tussle with the gang until everything comes to a head back at “The Fun House”. The gang has taken Vicky and the girls hostage again and Billy threatens to shoot if they don’t get Vicky to the hospital stat.

I’m gonna kill you Billy Jack, if it’s the last thing I do

In true hoodlum fashion, they refuse and Billy catches gang leader Daniel, right between the eyes. Thrown back by the force of the shotgun, he leaves his bloody mark on James Dean’s portrait as a silent homage to rebels without causes past.

Oh you crazy Indian. We ARE the sunset and the sunrise…and…oh Billy!

With Vicky on route to the hospital, Billy’s wounded just as the cops arrive. Since they haven’t been much better to Billy than the gang, he splits into  the woods where Vicky finds him and they are helicoptered to safety…

– Corinna

Obsessive screens shots HERE


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