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The slick chicks who fire up the big wheels!

February 21, 2014

Hot Rod Rumble (1957)

Wednesday, February 26th

Film starts at 8pm

Lady Jay’s633 Grand St, between Manhattan & Leonard, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Free Popcorn, Juke Box Meccanica, $2 Bingo for Prizes, PRIZES!

And stick around after the flicks, at 10pm for DJ Greg-Gory spinning Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Surf, Garage, R&B and the tunes of Juke Box Meccanica at The Record Hop Rumble!!! (poster below)

Hot_rod_rumble_poster_01He drives like a wild man. He lives like a wild man. He IS a wild man!

photo 6I told you I’d get new clothes when I cleaned up my rod

Arny, is the newest member, and the best mechanic and race driver in the Road Devils CC. He drives a dropped and frenched Merc that no one can beat on the track with his new race cam.

photo 7 Just because you act like Arny and drive a car like Arny, you’re a long way from the real thing.

At a party, Terry dumps him for not fitting in when he shows up in club clothes instead of a suit. She dances with another club member, Hank and a fight between the two men is stopped by Jim Lawrence, but Ray Johnson, pretending friendship with Arny, keeps the antagonism going and tries to win Terry for himself.

hot_rod_rumble_06There’s someone on my tail

Driving home, Hank and Terry are harassed by a hot rod which they think is driver by Arny. Swerving to avoid a collision, they are thrown from the car, and Hank is killed and Terry badly injured and unconscious. Ray, the actual driver of the hot rod, carries Terry to his car, but frightened by approaching vehicles, he returns her to the wreckage and flees.

hqdefault-3What, does your whole life depend on a race?

All, including Terry, blame Arny for the wreck, but there is no proof. Vindictive club members destroy Arny’s car by pouring grinding compound in his crank case and beat him mercilessly.

photo 1After being harassed, beat up by his own gang, all but run out of town by even his parents, it’s only when a local junk man takes pity on him, that he is able to rebuild his car for the big race.

photo 16Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him

Terry goes to the race with Ray and, in his car she finds an earring she lost in the accident and realizes it was Ray who drove the fatal car.

photo 13Get in

Arny wins the race, sour disposition and all, wins the race and Terry forces Ray to admit the truth about the wreck. Ray apologizes, the club apologizes, but Arny doesn’t care. Even Terry apologizes…it takes in a minute, but of course he caves and they split together in the Merc with the $1500 race prize money.

The End.

photo 14


Record Hop Rumble!


This Month’s Line Up.

CM Feb 2014

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