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This Is Long Beach.

April 25, 2014

This Is Long Beach (2013)

Wednesday April 30th

Film starts at 8pm

Lady Jay’s633 Grand St, between Manhattan & Leonard, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Cine Meccanica is thrilled to present the newest Brian Darwas documentary, This Is Long Beach, a look at the Cavaliers Car Club. This is Long beach (2013) makes the 5th film in the Atomic Hot Rods collection, following The Road To Bonneville (2008), The Devil At Your Feet (2009), A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie (2011), and White Knuckle: The Story Of The Motorcycle Cannonball (2012). Both The Devil At Your Feet and White Knuckle have screened at Cine Meccanica to packed houses and rave reviews, and White Knuckle went on last year to take the Peoples Choice award at The Motorcycle Film Festival, which I am proud to have co-founded. Read an interview with Brian Darwas on the MFF SITE, and get your own copy of his film collection at Atomic Hot Rods. Then gas up the cars and bikes and head on out to Lady Jay’s for one hell of a night. See you at the flicks!

Corinna Mantlo


I didn’t pick Long Beach then make the movie. . . I picked The Cavaliers and they were from Long Beach. The Cavaliers are one of the longest running car clubs around. I was speaking with Tim Musico about the club, and how they just reconnected with some of the original members from the late ’40’s. He began telling me of all the wonderful stories these guys had and we, kind of at the same time, said “this stuff needs to be filmed before it’s lost forever” and it just all sort of fell into place from there.

I packed my dog, my girlfriend, and my camera into the car then we drove out to CA for the summer. We met with the all three generations of the club, got to know everybody, then sat everyone down in from of the camera and just talked. I like to film a conversation, rather than film a formal interview.


In between filming the members of the club, we also spent a lot of time at Brad Masterson’s shop in Lynwood, CA filming Brad and The Cavaliers chop one of the member’s cars.

It was a great trip. I learned a lot about history, and picked up a few tips at Brad’s shop. I’m always looking to learn new things and expand on what I already know. Making these films allows me to do just that, then share what I’ve learned with the rest of the world. . . being a story teller is special that way.


Interview with filmmaker Brian Darwas of Atomic Hot Rods:

Q: What prompted you to make a film about the Long Beach Cavaliers?

A: History is a big part of hot rod and custom car culture, and I wanted to make a film that was rich in that history. The Cavaliers are one of the oldest car clubs (est. 1947) that managed to survive through the ups and down of it all, so naturally they were a perfect fit.


Q: What was the filming process like?

A: I just sat each generation of the club down in front of the camera and let them reminisce about what life was like as they were growing up in Long Beach, and how the car culture of Southern California played such an important role in their lives.


Q: What was your favorite thing about making this film?


A: Just getting to hear real stories from real people that lived it. Seeing these guys speak so fondly of a time period that I’ve only read about was really an awesome experience.


Q: And your least favorite?

A: Nothing, I enjoy being able to make movies and sharing them with the world.


Above photo courtesy of Rod Authority from the world premier of This Is Long Beach, in Long Beach California, August 2nd 2013. Read the full story by Rod Authority HERE.


Get the complete collection of Atomic Hot Rod films HERE.



Stick around after the flick to talk to the filmmaker, check out the cars and bikes out front and some rockin’ tunes!





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