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Recap: Mad Max (1979) screening

May 23, 2015

C.M Mad Max 5.10

May 10th, 2015: In anticipation of Fury Road, Cine Meccanica hosted a screening of the film thats started it all…Mad Max (1979)!


On a lovely Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn, guests were welcomed to Northeast Sportscar, which always houses a collection of incredible, rare machines, by myself and a lovely retro modern steed, the shiny red Royal Enfield Continental GT.

The concession stand

Tuck Shop authentic Australian meet pies, Beer Shandies, cold brew coffee, home made sides and Fairy Bread, along with the classic buttered popcorn.

11050644_10152896192961173_8368018148445852925_nThe screening

Motorcyclists, Hot Rodders, and film lovers alike gathered together for this intimate screening of the classic flick.

Huge thanks to Jupiters Motorycles, MotorGrrl, and Beaner Bar and especially our host Northeast Sportscar for making this screening possible!


Fairy Bread

1. Slather a slice of white bread with margarine

2. Sprinkle with rainbow Nonparells

3. Slice bread diagonally into two pieces

4. Enjoy this classic Aussie childrens party treat

Corinna Mantlo

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