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Biker Movie Sunday! presented by Choppertown

October 3, 2016

Welcome to the very first  Biker Movie Sunday, presented by Choppertown!


Way back in 2005, an independent film called ‘Choppertown:The Sinners‘ was released. A great film that fit just at the right time. In many ways it changed the industry in how it was promoted and distributed, and it was one of the first films that got me thinking about a little idea I had, to bring the motorcycle community closer through film through live screenings and a film festival.


The film, of course screened at Cine Meccanica, and All these years later, in a true testament to the power of film and the closeness of our community, Choppertown and I are reunited. I am honored that they invited me to be a part of this new project Biker Movie Sunday, a weekly exploration of the world of two wheeled cinema, including an introduction by myself, and live Q&A with the filmmaker.


The First episode brings us a short film that I’m very proud to present. A heart wrenching look at the connection between a motorcycle and it’s rider, by Paolo Asuncion and the Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club. Compelling and witty, always pushing the envelope, and blurring the lines between filmmaker and subject. . Stories for the motorcycle community by the community. We recommend you follow their projects closely, including: Dirtbag ChallengeDirtbag II: Return Of The Rattler, and The Delivery , where they explore and develop these techniques, though never with such a heavy subject as now. Keep on eye on these guys, we now we will be.

So, stay tuned, and we’ll see you at the Facebook Live flicks each and every Sunday at 11am PST on Choppertown!

– Corinna Mantlo





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