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Motorcycle Duel…With Death To The Loser!

December 19, 2016


Motorcycle Gang (1957)

Thursday, December 22nd

Film starts at 8pm

at Aunt Ginny’s Bar (652 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385)

Free Popcorn and $5 Bingo for Prizes, PRIZES!

motorcycle_gang_poster_02Hey what’re you trying to do, start a fire.

Nick, the leader of a small town sickle gang returns after a 2 year stretch in the clink for clipping an old man during a drag. To his surprise, the new head cat, Randy (who walked form that same wrap with only a suspended sentence), has taken the club square. He’s got them teamed up with the local race set, and their priorities have switched form tearing up the town, to qualifying for the regionals. Nick tries to take the gang back, but Randy’s not quite as square as he looks. IMG_0629I uh thought I knew every sickle cat in town.

Teresa ‘Terry the Terrible’ is new in town. Staying with her uncle for the summer, she’s got only one thing on her mind…burning rubber.

IMG_0630You’re a ‘shol’…a sharp doll

She’s hard to miss, and the local bike set is quick to spot her. Randy’s smitten and invites her down to the Blue Moon to meet the rest of the kids.

IMG_0655Burning rubber is my one big vice. Last guy who tried this lost an arm and a leg.

Pretty quick, Terry gets herself involved with both Nick and Randy, which only fuels their riff. Randy’s still on probation so street fights are out. He challenges Nick to the next PNG event, a 100mile off rode race.

IMG_0661You’ve got a one cylinder mind

Racing neck and neck, Randy wins by a hair even with Nick riding dirty. Of course, Nick’s a sore loser and challenges Randy to a race of his own. Pushed too far, Randy agrees. IMG_0681Look who’s having trouble with their clutch assembly.

After a series of stunts, Randy wipes out riding the rails after Nick sabotages the track. Now, Randy’s in the hospital and the kid’s aren’t impressed with Terry’s antics playing both sides anymore. She’s lost her fella, her friends and ruined her and Randy’s shot at the regionals. IMG_0678Remember when you told me that maturity was setting in, and I told you I hoped it wasn’t contagious?…well, it is.

Nick doesn’t mind her tactics however, and he still wants her, but now Terry has seem the error of her ways and is disgusted. Terry gets  Randy to forgive her and take her back. PNG also forgives them and Randy is allowed to race the regionals.

IMG_0622These aren’t PNG men…these are alley cats on motor cicles. There’s a big difference.

Nick and his sore loser goons resort to booze and rebel rousing. They terrorize a local café and take the owners hostage. Randy and the gang come to the rescue with the help of he race organizers…Nick and the hods land back in the clink. Terry and Randy settle down, and all is well in Coolsville, daddy-O!

Corinna Mantlo

Teenage cycle hounds out for one thing…Thrills!

Motorcycle Gang was remade in 1994 by John Milius and starring Gerald McRaney and Jake Busey as part of Showtime’s series Rebel Highway.


Rebel Highway was a short-lived revival of American International Pictures created and produced by Lou Arkoff, the son of Samuel Z. Arkoff and Debra Hill for the Showtime channel in 1994. The concept was 10-week series of 1950s “drive-in classic” B-movies remade “with a ’90s edge”. The impetus for the series, according to Arkoff was, “what it would be like if you made Rebel Without a Cause today. It would be more lurid, sexier, and much more dangerous, and you definitely would have had Natalie Wood‘s top off”. Originally, Arkoff wanted to call the series, Raging Hormones but Showtime decided on Rebel Highway instead. Arkoff and Hill invited several directors to pick a title from one of Samuel Arkoff’s movies, hire their own writers and create a story that could resemble the original if they wanted. In addition, they had the right to a final cut and select their own director of photography and the editor. Each director was given a $1.3 million budget and 12 days to shoot it with a cast of young, up and coming actors and actresses. According to Arkoff, the appeal to directors was that, “They weren’t hampered by big studios saying, ‘You can’t do this or that.’ And all the directors paid very close attention to the detail of the era. We want these shows to be fun for the younger generation and fun for the older generation”.

The series premiered with Robert Rodriguez‘s Roadracers on July 22, 1994. This is incidently also next weeks film. Be there or be square!

The Rebel Highway films

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