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A Chip off the ‘ol motor block

July 22, 2017

Cartoons have shaped much of my life. Perhaps not something to boast about, but in my dad’s house Bugs Bunny was king, and Jim Henson a god for whom green candles were lit in memoriam on May 16th 1990. I may not be terribly well adjusted as an adult, but I haven’t dynamited anyone in the face…yet; in part due to the fact that somewhere in among the falling Acme anvils, nose dives off of  impossible cliffs, exploding everything,  and never-ending senseless brutality between the animal species, there were wonderful tidbits of morality left to seep their way into our violence clouded brains and settle into our subconscious. This sweet vehicular gem, directed by Tex Avery for MGM in 1952 touches on the dilemmas of parenting, responsibility, and the timeless trials of coming of age.

– Corinna Mantlo

One Cab’s Family (1952)

The lineage of a cartoon:

One Cab’s Family (1952) is based, if not entirely lifted from the 1937 classic, Streamlined Greta Green (1937) made for Merrie Melodies by the Leon Schlesinger Studios…

Streamlined Greta Green (1937)

…In 1953, MGM and Tex Avery released yet another version, Little Johnny Jet. The premise is the same, but this time around the cast is a family of airplanes.

Little Johnny Jet (1953)


*originally published on Cine Meccanica in 2013

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