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Cine Meccanica.jpgCine Meccanica copy.jpgPhoto ©Ryan Handt

Cine Meccanica’s patented  Bingo game works with just about any vehicular film. The cure for the common movie night!


  • SQUARE KEEPERS – pens, pennies, candy or popcorn (if you can resist eating it)



  • Each player receives a bingo card, which are numbered from 1 to 10 so that players are not playing the same card.
  • Choose a vehicular movie (there are tons listed here)
  • As you watch the film, mark off squares on your bingo card that relate to a scene or dialogue in the film, with your choice of pen or popcorn. For example, the “FORD” square may be taken if you see a ‘FORD’ vehicle. Red squares relate to dialogue like “WILD”, “CRAZY” etc.
  • Some squares may be interpreted in several ways ie: “Old Lady” could be an old woman OR someone’s old lady. “Smoking Grass” could refer to reefer OR a patch of lawn set on fire and smoking by the Ghost Rider’s hell cycle.


  • Before play begins, decide if you will play only until a player gets a line, a t-shape, a border or a blackout. You could have multiple prizes on hand for each of the 4 win patterns and continue play of the same game until all 4 patterns are achieved. For example, BINGO is called when a player gets a line. Play then continues for all players using the same cards and the goal is now to get the t-shape. Then play continues until someone gets the border.
  • Small prizes can be given for each win pattern or maybe the winner’s prize is his or her choice of movie.
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