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Who forgot to fill the tank…

February 17, 2011

Hmm, interesting conversation today with an Amazon shop keeper, about how being sent a poster is not quite like receiving the dvd that was ordered…sorry folks but no Cliff Richards, double decker musicals for you this month…but behold the mighty film poster!

This film was the first to be directed by the late, great Peter Yates and was going to conclude our month long tribute to him. Though we won’t be screening it this Tuesday night, I did think it was deserving of a place in the Cine Meccanica archives as it centers around a double decker bus…and it’s Cliff Richards & The Shadows and I’m a huge of them, as well as their infamy in The Young Ones…

Next week’s film will be Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! in tribute to the passing of Ms. Tura Satana

– Corinna

fabulous 60s Musical – 4 London Bus mechanics strike up a deal with London Transport. They do up a double decker London Bus, drive it around Europe as a hotel and if they make it they will own and be in charge of a whole fleet. While on the road in France they pick up 3 ladies whose car breaks down and offer to take them to their next singing job in Athens. They also pick up a stowaway. A young, American boy. Meanwhile, a young American female singer has gone missing. Her mother (who is a VERY ambitious woman) and her aid take the story to the press and it makes the front page. They do all they can to make the story run for as long as possible, including misdirecting the bus up an extremely steep Yugoslavian hill. We find out the young American boy is actually the young American girl who is missing. Mayhem ensues as the lead character, Don (Cliff Richard) falls for Barbara. Eventually, when the 8 bus riders reach Athens, they’re arrested for kidnapping. In front of her mother and a Ballroom filled with world-press, Barbara and Don declare their love for each other and the mother accepts (after realising how ‘big’ Don will become). When the film ends, all eight people are at a Grecian beach and very much enjoying their well deserved holiday! Written by Joliet and Flavia17 – IMDB

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