Sunday Morning CAR-toons! Mouse & Duck

The Dognapper (1934)

Police officers Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, chase Pegleg Pete down in a sidecar outfit after he dognaps Fifi, Minnie Mouse’s pet Pekingese.

‘The Dognapper’ was Donald Duck’s third film and was the first to feature both Mickey and Donald together. This was the second of only three B&W cartoons to feature Donald Duck, the other two being ‘Orphan’s Benefit’ (1934) and ‘Mickey’s Service Station’ (1935). Because the color of Donald’s feet doesn’t show in black and white, his feet were black in these cartoons.

Directed by David Hand, ‘The Dognapper’ features the voices of Clarence “Ducky” Nash as both Mickey and Donald, and Billy Bletcher as Pete. This was the first and only time that Mickey was voiced by Nash, as Walt Disney was in Europe at the time and was unavailable to record his lines, and Nash took over. – wikipedia

In ‘Hollywood Cartoons, American Animation In The Golden Age’, author Michael Barrier discusses how in these early years of talky cartoons, dialogue was sparse, and it was Donald Duck’s distinctive voice brought to life by Nash that landed him the roll in his first film ‘Orphan’s Benefit’, and launched his career.

Mickey’s Service Station (1935)

Mickey, Goofy & Donald have 10 minutes to fix Pete’s car. Or else!

The film, which stars Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as car mechanics, is notable as the first to feature the three characters as a comedy trio. The film was also the final black-and-white appearance of Donald, Goofy, and Pete, and the penultimate animated black-and-white film produced by Disney after Mickey’s Kangaroo which was released later the same year. Mickey’s Service Station was directed by Ben Sharpsteen, who at the time, had directed only Silly Symphony shorts, and starred the voices of Walt Disney, Clarence Nash, Pinto Colvig, and Billy Bletcher. – wikipedia

Orphans Benefit (1934)

While this film features no vehicles, it’s included here as the first film in the trilogy of Black & White Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse team-up cartoons. Enjoy!


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