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Hell On Wheels!

December 28, 2016


Road Racers (1994)

Thursday, December 29th

Film starts at 8pm

at Aunt Ginny’s Bar (652 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385)

Free Popcorn and $5 Bingo for Prizes, PRIZES!

Hey, now you pay attention to something here. These kids ain’t the same anymore. And you know what’s behind it all? Rock ‘n’ roll. That music is turning the kids into a bunch of sex hungry, beer drinking, road racing werewolves. 

Where should I begin? Well this film has it all, all as far as this film critic has any concerns. From action to comedy to romance to sci-fi and most important, Rock-n-roll.

Nixer: Little dab’ll do ya.
Dude: Hell on wheels. 
Yes, from the very first scene which is a car chase to the last scene which is also a car chase. I first viewed this gem with my former bandmate/roommate at the time Harley Davidson. A younger Robert Rodriguez directed this retro made modern timeless tale which stars David Arquette (Dude) and Salma Hayek (Donna) as the two estranged lovers caught in a small Texas early 60’s town which Gene Pitneys’ ” Town without pity ” tune comes to mind to describe their harrowed romantic plight which only they can truly appreciate.

I know you hate this town. I know you hate Teddy; I do, too. But I also know you love your music. So fight for what you love… not for what you hate.
Before this film came out I really did not take note of David’s prior or later performances. He truly earned my respect though after this Made for Showtime TV film was created. I always considered Salma to be pretty but after Roadracers I thought her downright sizzling.

Sarge: Y’know, I’m so close to kicking your ass right now, I can damn near taste it. 
Dude: It’s got a bit of a wing to it, don’t it? 
For the music score there is everything from Link Wray to Hazil Adkins to Gene Vincent. The comedic parts are almost cartoon like in their absurdness yet they are real life actors, actresses. From the race with the Sheriffs son (Arquette’s Antagonist) to the roller rink hi jinks and the discovery of Arquette’s favorite local band being sell outs. You will meet J.T., a greasy spoon Cook who deals out poignant words of philosophical nature alongside his not so appreciated burgers and fries. You can’t ever forget Dudes’ sidekick Nixer whose antics and chemistry add even more to this flick. Then there is the evil Sheriff who apparently is trying to either incarcerate Dude or chase him out of town as he did to Dudes’ father. The evil sheriff has an evil spawn who the Sheriff is trying 24/7 to get him to take care of eradicating dude from the picture. Let us not forget the sci-fi movie that tends to permeate the theme of this movie. The main actor (Miles) from ” Invasion of The Body Snatchers ” has a great bit part as well making one think (just a little) as one rolls off ones chair with raucous laughter.

You’re just a fadin’ image in my rearview mirror 

Even the quotes in this film are witty and unforgettable. From the Sheriffs philosophy of the then youth “Nothin’ but a bunch of beer drinkin’, road racin’ werewolves” and lets not forget what the good Sheriff tells his number one in regards to not getting rid of Dude in a timely manner…”If excuses were worth a cent you’d be a silver fuckin’ dollar” My personal fave is when Dude is givin’ his last regards to Donna….Donna says with big lamb eyes all prettied up” Where does that leave me? ” where Dude replies before leaving rubber “You’re just a fadin’ image in my rearview mirror”.
If you do anything worthwhile anytime soon make sure you go check this flick out….and soon!!!

Les Vegas, Entertainer, bad poet and sophisticated drunk

The making of a Degenerate Hot Rod Flick

Rebel Highway was a short-lived revival of American International Pictures created and produced by Lou Arkoff, the son of Samuel Z. Arkoff and Debra Hill for the Showtime channel in 1994. The concept was 10-week series of 1950s “drive-in classic” B-movies remade “with a ’90s edge”. The impetus for the series, according to Arkoff was, “what it would be like if you made Rebel Without a Cause today. It would be more lurid, sexier, and much more dangerous, and you definitely would have had Natalie Wood‘s top off”. Originally, Arkoff wanted to call the series, Raging Hormones but Showtime decided on Rebel Highway instead. Arkoff and Hill invited several directors to pick a title from one of Samuel Arkoff’s movies, hire their own writers and create a story that could resemble the original if they wanted. In addition, they had the right to a final cut and select their own director of photography and the editor. Each director was given a $1.3 million budget and 12 days to shoot it with a cast of young, up and coming actors and actresses. According to Arkoff, the appeal to directors was that, “They weren’t hampered by big studios saying, ‘You can’t do this or that.’ And all the directors paid very close attention to the detail of the era. We want these shows to be fun for the younger generation and fun for the older generation”.

The series premiered with Robert Rodriguez‘s Roadracers on July 22, 1994.

The Rebel Highway films

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