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Biker Movie Sunday: Chasing The Bullet

October 9, 2016

Welcome to Biker Movie Sunday, a weekly exploration of the world of two wheeled cinema, including an introduction by myself, and live Q&A with the filmmaker.

This week’s film, written, directed, edited and produced by Chris Zahner, explores the love affair between India and the Royal Enfield Bullet.

The Royal Enfield Bullet has the longest production run of any motorcycle having remained continuously in production since 1948, though the Bullet dates back to 1931. Originally produced in Britain, RE and the Bullet have become deeply linked to India where they have been produced for decades. Practically a national treasure,  the devotion to the brand and this quirky machine by it’s riders, mechanics and builders is profound, and Chris gives us a unique look into this connection as both Royal Enfield and India change before our eyes, and enter the future.

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Check out all the films of Biker Movie Sunday HERE, and stay tuned, ’cause we’ll see you at the flicks each and every Sunday at 11am PST on Choppertown Facebook LIVE!

– Corinna Mantlo

Be careful or one of us will get hurt.

October 4, 2016


Sherlock Jr (1924)

Friday, October 7th


Barber Vintage Festival

Top Tier Of The Paddock, Tram stop #5 (at the Vanson booth)

Birmingham, Alabama 

Keaton_Sherlock_Jr_1924Be careful or one of us will get hurt.

The history of motorcycles in film begins with the invention of…you guessed it…motorcycles and film. Right from the start, cars and bikes are prominent in film as a means of transport. Stunt men and slapstick comedians were quick to jump on the wagon (literally) to poke fun at the fast paced mayhem of modern times. The best early examples of this are Mabel Behind The Wheel (1914), Get Out And Get Under (1920), Taken For A Ride (1923), the Keystone Cops series, and of course  Sherlock JR (1924) the Buster Keaton classic where he does his own stunts on a 1923 Harley Davidson J Model Twin.

Please join us for a special, Friday night screening under the stars, at Barber Vintage Festival.

Huge thank you to Vanson for making this event possible…and we’ll see you at the flicks!

– Corinna


We are lost! He is sending for the world’s greatest detective – Sherlock Jr.!

The plot: A movie theater projectionist and janitor (Buster Keaton) is in love with a beautiful girl (Kathryn McGuire). However, he has a rival, the “local sheik” (Ward Crane). Neither has much money. The projectionist buys a $1 box of chocolates, all he can afford, and changes the price to $4 before giving it and a ring to her. The sheik steals and pawns the girl’s father’s pocket watch for $4. With the money, he buys a $3 box of chocolates for the girl. When the father notices his watch is missing, the sheik slips the pawn ticket into the projectionist’s pocket unnoticed. The projectionist, studying to be a detective, offers to solve the crime, but when the pawn ticket is found, is banished from the girl’s home.

hqdefaultSay Mr. Detective, before you clean up any mysteries, clean up this theater!

While showing a film about the theft of a pearl necklace, he falls asleep and dreams that he enters the movie as a detective. The other actors are replaced by the projectionist’s “real” acquaintances. When he awakens, the girl shows up to tell him that she learned the identity of the real thief. As a reconciliation is playing on the screen, he mimics the actor’s behavior. – wikipedia

sherlock5There is an old proverb which says: Don’t try to do two things at once and expect to do justice to both. This is the story of a boy who tried it. While employed as a moving picture operator in a small town theater he was also studying to be a detective.

Keaton. Sherlock Jr. bike sit frontevery inch of footage holds such a laugh!

Not only did Buster perform all of his own stunts, at times he performed stunts for other cast-members as well.  One famous example is from Sherlock Jr. 


After Buster accepts a ride on the handlebars of a motorcycle, a bump in the road knocks the driver to the ground, leaving Buster to ride on alone, unaware that no one is steering the bike.  Buster dressed as the driver and took the fall for the shot, landing with his legs characteristically spread eagle. – silent locations

The Film (with a great score)

The Making Of:


Biker Movie Sunday! presented by Choppertown

October 3, 2016

Welcome to the very first  Biker Movie Sunday, presented by Choppertown!


Way back in 2005, an independent film called ‘Choppertown:The Sinners‘ was released. A great film that fit just at the right time. In many ways it changed the industry in how it was promoted and distributed, and it was one of the first films that got me thinking about a little idea I had, to bring the motorcycle community closer through film through live screenings and a film festival.


The film, of course screened at Cine Meccanica, and All these years later, in a true testament to the power of film and the closeness of our community, Choppertown and I are reunited. I am honored that they invited me to be a part of this new project Biker Movie Sunday, a weekly exploration of the world of two wheeled cinema, including an introduction by myself, and live Q&A with the filmmaker.


The First episode brings us a short film that I’m very proud to present. A heart wrenching look at the connection between a motorcycle and it’s rider, by Paolo Asuncion and the Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club. Compelling and witty, always pushing the envelope, and blurring the lines between filmmaker and subject. . Stories for the motorcycle community by the community. We recommend you follow their projects closely, including: Dirtbag ChallengeDirtbag II: Return Of The Rattler, and The Delivery , where they explore and develop these techniques, though never with such a heavy subject as now. Keep on eye on these guys, we now we will be.

So, stay tuned, and we’ll see you at the Facebook Live flicks each and every Sunday at 11am PST on Choppertown!

– Corinna Mantlo





Director Pete McGill talks with the MFF about ‘Richie Pan Forever’

July 8, 2016

more RPA-6MFF: Raw and genuine, Richie Pan’s America the Series was first started in collaboration with the late Richie Panarra, tattooist, motorcyclist and artist. Can you tell us a bit about how you first became involved in this project?

PM: I make a living working in reality TV. Once or twice a year, I’d end up in South Jersey and go visit Richie, and sometimes get tattooed. As we became friends, we often talked about making a real motorcycle or tattoo show. One focused on the true characters that shape both cultures everyday, not manipulated drama. In April 2015, we decided to try something and see where it led.

MFF: What did you learn about Richie’s impact on the motorcycling community and the tattoo industry?

PM: It was very personal. Richie touched the lives of a lot of people in both communities. He was also somewhat of a historian for both. He had an immense respect for the people who came before him.

MFF: And what did you learn about his love of his panhead, Viola?

PM: He frequently said that Viola was the coolest bike in the world. And she might be. There are details for days on that panhead. Mixed matched parts, missing bolts, and seemingly random customizations. It may be his best work of art.

MFF: Anything new you learned from a production or direction standpoint?

PM: This was a really small project; just me and the person I was interviewing for most of it. I feel like that intimacy made it easy for the guys to open up. They lost awareness of the camera and just talked. The challenge of this was letting go of the way things are normally done. I recorded audio straight to the cameras, didn’t use monitors, or crew members to manage either. For safety, I ran 2 cameras, a wide and a tight, right next to each other. Each camera had separate audio. For the most part it worked out, but I would definitely make sure I could monitor audio next time.

MFF: Favorite memories filming on location?

PM: Shooting Tommy Granger at “The Church of What’s Happening.” Richie loaned me his Street Glide so I could ride over with him, Cindy, and Joe Fessman. Tommy and Richie’s dynamic was perfect, they had us laughing the whole day. We drank beer and ate hot dogs while we shot. It was the last interview Richie did and a day I’ll never forget. Richie left behind countless friends and contemporaries. It was incredible hearing people’s memories about him in Richie Pan Forever. Do you have any favorite sound bites or shots from the film? Fat Bob didn’t want to go on camera. I had asked early on and he wasn’t into it. He stopped by while I was interviewing Von Rothinfink. After a couple of drinks, he agreed to tell a couple of stories, and I got a little more out of him. Including the last clip of the film. That clip gets a tear from me every time.

MFF: Any production or direction challenges you’d like to cite?

more RPA-8

PM: The huge one was losing my co-producer. Richie was not only on-camera talent, but a creative partner in the project. His passing not only changed the trajectory of the project, but the impact it would have. No doubt it would be an even better series if he were here to put his fingerprints on it.

MFF: What inspires you? What keeps you creating?

PM: Watching people do their own thing is super inspiring to me. For this project, The Motorcycle Film Festival was hugely inspirational.

MFF: Do you ride yourself? If so, what are your earliest memories of motorcycles?

PM: Yes. I ride pretty much everyday. When I was a pretty young kid, I had a neighbor who was a biker. He’d kick his bike over and the whole complex would shake. I couldn’t get enough of it.

MFF: And what do you ride these days?

PM: My everyday ride is an ’86 Softail with a narrow glide front end. It’s gotten me from coast to coast as well as all over LA for work. I also have a 1980 Shovelhead stroker in a jammer frame that was built by Alex Lopez and company at Born Free Cycles in Burbank, CA.

MFF: What are some of your favorite motorcycle films?

PM: Choppertown: The Sinners, the El Diablo Run movie, and Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

MFF: Favorite annual moto events?

PM: Annual: Hazzard County. Biannual: El Diablo Run

MFF: Will you be attending this year’s Motorcycle Film Festival?

PM: I never know where I’m going to be. My professional life is a little crazy that way but I would really like to.

MFF: What’s to come from Pete McGill?

PM: Only time will tell. I have a few other ideas and things I’ve spoken to people about. My business as a lighting designer and flying coast to coast to spend time with my children keep me pretty busy, but I hope there will be time.

MFF: Any MFF exclusive you’d like to share with us? Something that folks don’t know about your work or process?

PM: I try to let people finish their thoughts. It makes it harder to get concise sound bites, but being genuine is more important to me. Sometimes that means the final edit has a lot more of my voice in it than it should.

CMRichie pan forever

Join us Thursday, July 14th 2016 at the Coney Island Brewery for the NY Premier of the film Richie Pan Forever.

Event sign up here:


Film Premier: Richie Pan Forever

July 7, 2016

CMRichie pan foreverFilm Premier: Richie Pan Forever  

Thursday July 14, 2016 

8:00 PM

Coney Island Brewery

1904 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Event sign up here:

559294482_1280x720.jpgRichie Pan Forever: A collection of interviews with bikers, hippies, and tattooed freaks. Started as a collaboration with the late Richie Pan, finished as a tribute. Richie was a New Jersey based husband, father, grandfather, tattooer, artist, occasional writer, and friend to many, many people. His art was published monthly in The Horse Backstreet Choppers ( Cycle Source Magazine named him Motorcycle Artist of the year in 2014 and Man of the Year in 2015 ( You can see some of his art on his blog and his tattoo work at


Come out and enjoy a few while you watch the story of an amazing artist under the stars. Parking out front. Coney Island Brewery beer on tap. and exciting give aways courtesy of the Indian Larry Motorcycles and the Motorcycle Film Festival!

See you at the flicks,

Corinna Mantlo

560667955_1280x720Follow the film on Facebook: facebook

Richie Pan’s America is a web series of longer format interviews with Richie’s friends. YOu can buy all episodes here:


21 Days Under The Sky

April 2, 2016


unnamed.pngJoin us Friday April 22nd, for a very special NYC Screening Party for the film 21 Day’s Under The Sky, presented by Cine Meccanica, La Motocyclette &  the film’s writer, poet and journalist Kate O’Connor Morris.

The film will be released online for purchase in May. So, all attending this exclusive NYC premier screening will see the film before it’s full project release and receive a special gift, a collector’s addition La Motocyclette zine made to commemorate the film and this longstanding collaboration. The film will be followed by a Q&A and two killer bands. All tickets will be held for pickup at the venue day of. Please save your email confirmation of your ticket purchase. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE TODAY!

Friday, April 22nd

Nihil Gallery , 251 Douglass St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

7pm Doors and Drinks
8pm Film Screening
9pm Q&A
10pm Tower
11pm The Golden Grass

21 DAYS UNDER THE SKY is an unconventional true story about those who don’t conform. Four guys meet in San Francisco to start a 3,800 mile ride down the Lincoln Highway – the oldest coast to coast route connecting the east to the west. They are riding vintage “choppers”; bikes prone to break down or run out of gas. Through the highs and lows of a long journey, this story examines the timeless American love affair with the motorcycle and an even greater American tradition: the road trip.

It’s not a biker movie about crime, drugs, and women, though these are obvious byproducts of a life lived full. This is a side of motorcycle living that isn’t often told. Their journey becomes less about getting anywhere and more about going back to where things started; about the vast heavenly landscapes, the proud people they encounter, and the small towns they rest in. It is a contemporary look at the American Dream, and the fearless few that have the guts to go without a plan. A reminder of what real adventure feels like.

Beautifully directed and filmed through the lens of famed motorcycle lifestyle photographer, Michael Schmidt, and written by poet and journalist Kate O’Connor Morris, this widescreen cinematic experience is the first of its kind, and is recognized as the seminal “chopper” film of this generation. Narrated by actor Robert Patrick, he delivers the deep ominous voice of the bikers’ internal thought, the words we wish could attain to describe our feelings for what it’s like to be on old Harley chopper; racing through deserts and forest roads, salt flats, and two lane blacktops, camping on the rain-soaked ground, and emerging grease-stained from underneath your broken-down bike on the side of the road. 21 DAYS UNDER THE SKY is the one time the words EPIC and ADVENTURE can actually be used without the normal trappings of how these words are tossed about in social media.

Watch The Trailer:

Instagram: @21daysunderthesky #21daysunderthesky

For news & updates go to: http://www.21DaysUnderThe

Trash and chaossss!!!!

January 8, 2016

FullSizeRender (2)

Hey mister, do you know ‘Rock ‘n Roll’?

Cine Meccanica is thrilled to support Pizza & Movie night, presented Saturday January 9th at 6pm by Kickstart Cycle Supply. so, slip into your leathers, grab your shades (and earplugs) and hop on over to the Bergen Brick Oven Bar and Grill for a screening of the 1999 classic Wild Zero starring Guitar Wolf, followed by heavy metal karaoke. Yea, it’s gonna be one hell of a night!

See you at the flicks…and stick around after for heavy metal karaoke.


wild-zero-dvdWild Zero (1999)

Rock ‘n Roll is NOT over, baby! Rock ‘n Roll NEVER DIES!

Wild Zero is a 1999 Japanese “Jet rock ‘n’ roll” zombie horror comedy cult classic directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi, and starring the Japanese garage punk band Guitar Wolf. It borrows many elements from other popular B-movies such as Psychomania and Evil Dead II.


Ace, a wannabe rock star, is on his way to a concert of the band Guitar Wolf when space aliens invade the Earth. As a result the dead rise to their feet in the countryside setting of Asahi, Chiba, with an appetite for flesh. Enlisting the help of his rock ‘n roll blood brother Guitar Wolf, Ace and the members of the band get entangled in many misadventures with crazy rock managers in very tight shorts, transsexuals, naked women shooting guns in the shower, and bloodthirsty zombies ready to tear them apart.


Don’t get shitty!

Leather jackets, loud over-modulated music, laser guitar picks, motorcycles, guns, muscle cars, and fire abound. Guitar Wolf, a Japanese trio signed to Matador Records in the US—and self-proclaimed coolest rock band in the world—star as the well-coiffed heroes. It is also a love story, between Ace and Tobio, a trans woman.


Love has no borders, nationalities, or genders!

The music, in a garage punk vein, plays an important role in the film. It features music from Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound and The Oblivians. His 1997 song “Twice as Deep” by Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops is featured.



This film is similar to another movie by a Spanish punk group, La matanza caníbal de los garrulos lisérgicos, produced by Siniestro Total (a punk band from Vigo, Spain). –Wikipedia

Watch the trailer

Listen to the Soundtrack (earplugs recommended)